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    Can one do 2 degrees at the same time.

    Have a query about doing a double degree simultaneously? Confused whether one needs to give a gap certificate or not for joining another degree? On this Page our ISC Experts shall guide you to resolve yuor confusion.

    I want to know if I can take admission in BCA while I have already been pursuing my B.E. degree.
    I have passed out school in 2014 and have a gap of 4 years if I take admission this year. So, If I take admission this year then do I need to give them 4 years gap certificate or what because in those 4 years I have been doing B.E.
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  • Arts and Science degrees can do at a time one through College and another through Distance education. If one interested to do two degrees in two subjects at a time can do this type. But the following points are to be considered while selecting this two degree option:
    1. The aspirant should be able to concentrate his/her mind in two studies at a time.
    2.Financial aspect to be considered
    3.Contact classes and regular classes should not get affected because one another.
    4.Examination date should not get clashed as it will prevent the person from appearing for the examination in spite of studied well.
    5.Total sacrifice should be there from other entertainments over the period

  • No, it is not possible to do two-degree courses simultaneously from same university or different universities. You can do one degree and one diploma courses simultaneously from same university or different universities.

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  • 1. You can not do multiple education same time. If this happens everyone will attempt similarly and there will be kiosk in education system.
    2. You degree admissions are controlled through your Previous college Leaving / Transfer certificate(TC). GAP certificate is required when you are not doing any education.
    3. Since you area in course of engineering even though you take gap certificate you will be required TC. So there are lot of challenges.
    4. Part time job is advisable when you are doing BE. Post BE opt for MCA or MTech. All the best.

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  • When you are doing your B.Tech degree you can't join in any other degree course. But after completing your B.Tech you can join in another degree course. Because you passed +2 in 2014, I hope you might have completed your B.Tech degree by this time. Once you complete that course you can take admission to BCA.
    But what is the necessity of doing BCA again? After B.Tech you can aim for M.Tech or MCA. That will be a better option after B.Tech. You can do a full-time course or even you can go for part-time study after getting into a job with your B.Tech qualification.

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  • As per the latest position, a student can obtain a Diploma in correspondence while pursuing degree in regular mode. But as far as I know, obtaining two degrees, one in regular mode and another through correspondence mode at the same time is not permitted.

    There is nothing called gap certificate. At the time of admission, the universities seek migration certificate.

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  • The UGC rules that govern Indian universities is clear with the facts that NO student can pursue two courses in the same mode in either the same or different college/university. This brings a clash in the attendance, number of hours dedicated to studying etc.

    There is a system by which sometime back UGC allowed ONE student to do ONE REGULAR mode course and ONE DISTANCE mode course simultaneously. This needs to be approved and authorized by the local college/university under whose jurisdiction the regular course comes under.

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  • Since you are doing you B.E after 4 years, you would be technically eligible for distance mode programs. First please decide on the college from which you intend to do your BCA.

    The best way to go about is to follow the proper channel. Meet the principal or dean of your college and forward a letter of your intention to the university (BE) seek permission to do a distance mode BCA while doing a regular mode BE. Once you get a response from the registrar of the university you can apply to the distance mode BCA, like for instance in IGNOU.

    If you get a negative reply, then I would suggest, write to the UGC and seek clarification.
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