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    Types of gas trains that are being used

    Want to know about the gas trains used in India? Looking out for detailed information about which gas trains are used by the oil and gas industries in India? Check out this page and get answers to all your queries.

    Gas trains are used to transport gas with safety and reliability by reducing pressure to required pressure. What are the different types of gas trains? What are the different types of gas trains that are used by oil and gas industry in India? What are the different capacities of gas trains in India?
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  • Gas trains are completely assembled with various components and used for gas transfer from on pressure to the other pressure. They mainly consist of the following:
    (1) Main Isolating valve at inlet.
    (2) Gas filter for filtering.
    (3) Slam Shut off valve, to protect components provided after the gas regulator from high pressure in case of gas regulator failure.
    (4) Gas regulator: To provide a constant predetermined pressure at burner inlet.
    (5) Gas safety relief valve: To release surges in gas pressure at the time of starting the system.
    (6) Gas pressure switch: To cut off the burner in case of low pressure.
    (7) Safety and Main Solenoid Valves: Two numbers valves are provided in series as a safety against gas leakage in the system during the shutdown period. These valves can be direct operating solenoid valves or butterfly valves with pneumatic actuators depending on the quantity of gas to be handled.
    (8) Pilot Gas Train: This consists of an isolating valve, pilot regulator and solenoid valve for generating pilot flame which will ignite the main flame.
    (9) Pressure gauges at the inlet, after the regulator and at burner inlet are provided with isolating valves. Low-pressure gauges are provided with a block and bleed valves. These valves keep low-pressure gauges isolated most of the time. In addition to the above, valve proving system (VPS) can be provided for safety against gas valve leakage.
    Gas Trains for Standard Gases (Natural
    gases / LPG) :
    Model Heat Value Range Line Size Suitable for Boilers of Capacity
    CGT-40 0.60 Mkcal/ hr to 1.3 Mkcal/hr 40 NB 1 to 2 TPH
    CGT-50 1.30 Mkcal/ hr to 2.00 Mkcal/hr 50 NB 2 to 3 TPH
    CGT-50/65 2.00 Mkcal/ hr to 3.20 Mkcal/hr 50 / 65 NB 4 to 5 TPH
    CGT-50/80 3.20 Mkcal/ hr to 4.00 Mkcal/hr 50 / 80 NB 6 TPH
    CGT-80 4.00 Mkcal/ hr to 5.00 Mkcal/hr 80 NB 8 TPH
    CGT-100 5.00 Mkcal/ hr to 6.30 Mkcal/hr 100 NB 10 TPH
    CGT-100/150 6.30 Mkcal/ hr to 12.50 Mkcal/hr 100 / 150 NB 15 to 20 TPH

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