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    Correction of.mothers name in Ssc hsc marksheet

    I have a correction in My marksheet
    My mothers name is wrongly printed in my marksheet .Its printed Bimla in marksheet. my mother's name is Vimla . I have my birth certificate in which it is printed Vimla .So i want to change in my marksheet also.Plz tel me wht is the procedure to correct it nd how may days will it take ?
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  • The name started with v are normally pronounced with b in west Bengal and Orissa side. In that consideration they might be written or typed your mother's name in that way. In Kerala only there is a practice of adding first letter of mother's name along with or without father's. In Pan application they are asking mother's name. So, in case of school certificates this is not t a problem one if incorrect is found. But if you find any incorrect,it is good to get corrected at the earliest from finding. My suggestion here is to approach the concerned office in person without delay.

  • The name in your birth certificate is treated as the correct name. So you have to get the name changed immediately. When you noticed this difference in SSC certificate why you have waited till you complete your HSC. You might have taken action at that time so that by this time you might have corrected the SSC and your name in HSC might be printed correctly. That is why a timely action is required. A stitch in time saves nine.
    Now you have to contact the school in which you have completed your SSC and HSC. You have to give it in writing that there is a mistake in the certificate in the mother's name. You have to attach originals of SSC and HSC marks sheets and an attested copy of your birth certificate. Please remember to keep some xerox copies of SSC and HSC certificate duly attested with you as they will be useful to you till you receive the original corrected marks sheets.
    The school authorities will advise you regarding the challan to be paid. You have to pay that and that receipt also to be attached to your application. If the school administration wants two separate applications for two certificates you may have to that. The school administration will forward to the concerned board and the board will take necessary action and send the originals back to the school and you can get them from there.
    Please do the needful at the earliest.

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  • It is not a very hard procedure to correct the mother's name in your mark sheet. Contact your principal of the school and check the scholar register for the mother's name. If the mother's name in scholar register is correct then you have to fill an online form for the correction in the name.
    Visit the official website of your state board. You will find an option name/father's name/ mother's name/surname correction. Click it and a form will be open fill the form and upload the following documents with it:
    1. Photocopy of scholar register
    2. A certificate of the school principal
    3. Original Mark sheet

    After uploading the above documents you need to pay some nominal charges. Pay by using net banking, credit card, debit card, etc. After submitting the form from your end the DEO will verify the form and after that board will issue you a new correct mark sheet.

    You will get the correct mark sheet within 15-20 days through your school principal.

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  • This is a mistake in the mark sheet and it will create a problem at the time of document verification when you go for higher studies or apply for jobs.

    You have to apply for this correction to your education board and request them to issue the corrected mark sheet. You have to provide a copy of the documents where your mother's name is correctly reflecting. This is necessary for confirmation purposes before the education board office issues the corrected mark sheet. For example, your mother's Aadhaar card or any other such credential will be necessary for the purpose.

    They may ask you to give a copy of your document where your mother's name is correctly reflecting. So you submit a copy of those also with your application for correction.

    It will take at least two weeks time in getting these corrections and you have to rigorously pursue them to expedite early.

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  • You must submit an application with the complete and correct name of your mother to the Board authorities from where you appeared in the Board examination requesting to issue revised admit card/mark sheet to you. You should apply with necessary supporting documents like copy of your mother's AADHAR card and a copy of your birth certificate, where her correct name is indicated. I think that the Board authorities would accede to your request as this is a minor mistake most probably committed at their end.

    If your request is not acceded to, you have to sign an affidavit before the First-class Magistrate of your city indicating the complete and correct name of your mother. You would have to publish classified advertisements in two newspapers. You have to preserve the affidavit and original advertisements.

    If the rectification is done at the Board's level, the rectification will be done in approximately thirty days' time provided you submit the proper supporting documents.

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  • These are minor mistakes that can be troublesome at a later date. For all competitive exams and jobs, you will be filling up online application forms and later submit the documents at the time of document verification just prior to the final job interview or joining the post.

    If you have given the details correctly, then this error can be the mistke of the school/college while send the details to the board or university. But it is difficult to ask them to rectify.

    You need to have formal proof of your mother's name. Her PAN card or Aadhaar card, passport or Caste certificate if any can be used as the proof of her identity.

    If you do not have an ID document with your mother's correct name,then you would need a formal/legal affidavit stating her correct name. This can be sorted easily, please contact the Notary in your locality or Civil court areas. After this, approach the local newspaper office (one English, one regional) and publish the correct name of your mother ( this is done regularly by newspapers, so no need to worry about procedure).

    Once you have either of them, then draft a letter to the principal or dean of the 10th and 12th school/college stating that you intend to correct the name spelling mistake related to your mother's name.
    This letter will be forwarded via the school to the respective state boards of 10th and 12th.
    You will need to pay a small standard fee for the same. It takes about 30 days to get the correction done. Some state boards offer a urgent/priority service for a higher fee and release the document in 10-14 days.

    The corrected certificates will come to the respective schools, so please retain the acknowledgement number or the payment receipt for future correspondence in case there are delays.

    If you have done your 10th and 12th via CBSE, then the process is the same except that CBSE will insist on an affidavit and newspaper advert regarding the change/corrrction in mother's name.

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