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    Ask question to related to admission in BBA

    Have a query pertaining to change of stream in the first year? Searching for whether it is possible to do so? Check out this page and get answers to resolve yuor worries here.

    I am student of BCCA 1st year. I want to change my faculty BCCA to BBA.
    I took admission in BBA but my BCCA 1 yr result in 1st semester is pass but 2nd semester is fail.
    Can I change to BBA?
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  • Generally changing from one specialisation to another specialisation in the same stream is accepted. If you are in BCCA even though you have not cleared completely your first year you can opt for a change of specialisation. But in your case, you have not cleared your first year and want to change the course. It is a very difficult proposition. Even though the university accepts what is the level of your confidence in coping up with the change in the course. It is very difficult. Anyhow if you feel you can cope up please contact the university administration through the college in which you are studying. They may help you.
    If I am in your position, I will first concentrate on clearing the backlogs and then concentrate on completing the taken up course successfully than thinking of changing the course. Whether it is BCCA or BBA, your hard work and commitment to complete the course are not at all difficult. Already you have joined in the course one year is over but thinking now about BBA or BCCA is not wise.

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  • Assuming BCCA as Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Application and BBA as The Bachelor of Business Administration, I think switching is not possible as it is not full 4 year courses. So if you are in 1st year Graduation then i will suggest you to complete it so that your year is not wasted.
    It is not possible to change stream like this because subjects are different for BCCA and BBA.
    Alternately if you want you can opt to take 1st year admission to BBA and continue but for that you will need Leaving /Transfer Certificate from current college. To get Leaving Certificate you will have to inform current college and then will give it to you.

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  • You are currently doing your B.Com in Computer application and failed in the second semester. In the middle of an enrolled full time course you cannot change to a different stream, i.e buissness administration.

    You will have to decide whether you want to stick to your B.Com or do a BBA.

    Why not consider finish your B.Com in computer applications that is a good sector. Once you complete your B.Com, then you can get into a job and enroll for MCA from IGNOU ( the basic eligibility is a bachleor's degree with mathematics at your 12thor graduation).

    With your B.Com in Computer applications and a MCA, your options for future growth opens up. You will also be eligible for the GATE exams and then consider a teaching post or a IT job.

    If you are keen on business administration, I would suggest focus on B.Com now, complete it and then do your PG in supply chain logistics or a MBA and then work your way up the ladder.

    Consider these options, discuss with your teachers and friends and see what would be the best way forward. If you decide that you cannot pursue B.Com Computer applications, then you will have to abandon the course and then go to BBA, this would not look nice on your CV or educational history ( unless you decide to hide this one year).

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