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    What is eye transplant and from where the eye is obtained?

    I want to know about eye transplant. How it is done and from where the doctor gets eye for transplanting in the patient.

    Can it be done in the patients of all ages especially those above 75 years of age or it is restricted to the young people only?

    Please give the name of some top hospitals in India where it is carried out. What will be the cost of such surgery in a good hospital?
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  • Total eye can't be transplanted but some parts can be changed. The eye tissue is used in several different ways, most commonly for corneal transplantation. Patients who need a corneal transplant are those who have a disease, scar, or active infection involving the cornea. The cornea is the clear part of the eye much like a watch crystal. People who are completely blind and cannot see light cannot benefit from any type of corneal transplantation. Other parts of the eye including the sclera or white part of the eye are used in some types of oculoplastic surgery and in glaucoma surgery.
    Many patients who receive transplants are older, but the populations who are very old or very young are the populations that receive most transplants. Similarly, most of the donors are also older. The typical eye bank will accept donations from the age of 2 to 70 and donors younger than 2 and older than 70 are helpful for research tissue but not for corneal transplantation. In general, patients receive corneal tissue from donors approx the same age or younger than themselves. It is not advisable to go for any surgery if the person is above seventy and there should be an expert consultation to take a decision on that. I have so far never heard about eye transplantation above eighty. But you can contact a good eye specialist in your area and take his best advice.
    There are two very good eye hospitals where you will get all types of eye treatments. They are 1. L.V.Prasad eye institute in Hyderabad and 2. Sankaranarayanan Netralaya in Chennai. These two hospitals are very famous and they have all types of experts in their institutes. It is better to consult these institutes and follow their advice.

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  • Generally, the eye is not transplanted. The eyeball is made up of three layers scleroid, choroid and retina. The front transparent portion of scleroid is called cornea. Generally, in eye transplantation, this cornea is transplanted.

    If blindness is present due to opaque cornea the transplantation of cornea is done. Any person can transplant the cornea there is no age limit. The other parts of the eyeball cannot be transplanted.

    The biggest hospital of the eye is Shankar Hospital in Chennai and you can contact there. I can also refer you to the Gomabai research centre at Neemuch of MP.

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  • A. I want to know about eye transplant. How it is done and from where the doctor gets eye for transplanting in the patient.

    After human blood transfusion, eye transplant is the next simplest form in which one human being in life and after death can support other human's failing organs.

    Eye transplant is the common man's term for the corneal transplant. This has been done for many years. Today we have the recent success in animal models about the concept known as WET 'WHOLE EYE TRANSPLANT'.

    B. Can it be done in the patients of all ages especially those above 75 years of age or it is restricted to the young people only?

    Answering specifically
    1.Corneal transplant. nearly 40% of the blind in India are due to corneal disease. In such people a simple corneal transplant would restore their eyesight. Here the transparent central disc in front the black/brown part of the eye is removed and transplanted on to a person who has blindness due to an opaque cornea. The young often get a corneal transplant for keratoconus.

    2.WET- the concept of whole eye transplant is still experimental but an exciting future option for people with irreversible vision loss.

    C.Please give the name of some top hospitals in India where it is carried out. What will be the cost of such surgery in a good hospital?

    Anyone can be an eye donor, age is not a restriction, people who have diabetes, previous cataract surgery, hypertension or even retinal disease can donate their eyes after death. The final decision about what to use will be done by the Ophthalmic surgeons. The donation of eyes is refused if there has been an infection including AIDS, obvious eye infection.

    Once the Eye bank gets the message and the deceased person satisfies the organ harvesting criteria, the entire eye is removed so that the transplanting team can then use the cornea and the surrounding slcera (white part) to fix it in a recipient.

    A corneal transplant can be availed by people who have vision disturbances wherein the full thickness cornea or part of the cornea is grafted with the donor cornea.

    So, based on the patient's need and cause of blindness one can utlise the services of corneal transplant. Almost all the major hospitals in the cities and some hospitals in the towns offer this surgery.

    The good centers of Naryana Nethralaya, Shankara Nethralaya and the Regional Eye hospital of the districts offer this service.
    Among the best in India are

    Dr.Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences,
    All India Institute of Medical Sciences,
    Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029, India.
    Phone no: 011 - 6589695, 011- 26593101

    Shroff Eye Hospital
    A-9, Kailash Colony, New Delhi - 110048
    Phone no: 011 - 41633999
    Fax no: 011- 41731693 , 29244736

    Sankara Nethralaya (Main Campus)
    No. 41 (old 18), College Road,
    Chennai 600 006, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Telephone: +91-44-4227 1500, +91-44-2827 1616

    Arvind Eye Hospital
    Anna Nagar, Madurai 625 020, Tamilnadu, India.
    Phone no: 0452 - 435 6100

    LV Prasad Eye Hospital
    Kallam Anji Reddy Campus,
    L V Prasad Marg, Banjara Hills,
    Hyderabad 500 034, Andhra Pradesh
    Phone no: 040 3061 2345

    Narayana Nethralaya
    #121/C Chord Road,
    1st 'R' Block, Rajaji Nagar,

    The cost of corneal transplant surgery is very variable depending on the government, aided and the private hospital that one chooses. It costs around 1 lakh in the private sector. If an individual can't afford much, he or she can approach the local rotrary or vision clubs to seek help or visit the Regional Government Hospital. Traditionally the best practical way to go about was to meet your regular ophthalmologist and then get referred to the higher centers. Most of the higher centers now have an online or telephone appointment booking system to speed up the process and are very patient friendly. Like any transplant, there are issues with infection and failure in around 20% of the cases.

  • Generally corneal transplant is known as eye transplant. There are some very good hospitals in India which have expertise in corneal transplant. In Delhi, AIIMS (Dr. Rajendraprasad Eye Centre), Safdarjung Hospital are the two best hospitals for this purpose. In Chennai, Sankara Netralaya and in Hydrabad, LV Prasad eye hospital are also top-level hospitals for corneal grafting.

    The cost of corneal grafting will be around Rs. 2.5 lakh.

    As far as I know, there is no age limit for corneal grafting. However, people above 75 years are discouraged to undergo corneal grafting.

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