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    Is it possible to get a work permit to Canada without IELTS?

    Planning to go to Canada on a work permit? Learn from experts whether you can do so without IELTS qualification.

    I am a Graduate and I want to go to Canada. I wish to know if I can go to Canada on a work permit without IELTS.
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  • IELTS is an examination to test your proficiency in English language and it is not a compulsory requirement for working in Canada. You can apply for immigration under the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program. This programme will not ask for IELTS. All other federal skilled workers programs have required writing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to prove language proficiency. Previous programs such as the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) and the Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Program, all required the demonstration of proficiency in English under the IELTS to obtain points for language. Preparing and writing the IELTS has been a lengthy and difficult process for immigration applicants in the past, and the fact that this has been eliminated from the immigration process under this program is a huge bonus.
    So you can try and get a work permit without IELTS under this scheme.

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  • IELTS is not mandatory for all work permits to Canada. In general, often the unskilled work or labor segment have exemption from language proficiency tests, if you are a graduate, looking for good employment and hoping to get in the skilled segment it is useful to have in hand.

    For instance, you are a graduate from India and would be employed in Canada. The person processing your papers, the recruitment office or potential employer does not know your skills in English. Now if you have an IELTS with a decent score, it gives a picture to the prospective employer that yes, this candidate knows how to read, understand, write and communicate in English, so, he/she would not have issues working with the team & clients.

    IELTS becomes important if you intend to work under the skilled workers/traders program visa and for applying for PR. What is more important is the route you choose for enter into Canada for work and finally the PR in Canada.

    Most potential employees use the Labour market impact assessment-LIMA visa which provides an avenue to work and live in Canada as long as your have a LIMA approved offer of job from the company that you intend to work. So, although not mandatory to certain jobs, it would be useful if you complete it while you are applying for your job.

  • IELTS is certainly important for the people opting for the specialised jobs in the Canada and this examination would test your proficiency - level in English. If you are determined to appear for such test, you may get several commercial institutes around Delhi or in other areas of the major cities offering you a specialised training in commanding this language. By enrolling yourself, in such institutes would certainly help you in overcoming your deficiency in your written and spoken English.
    However, to avoid the lengthy procedure associated with this pattern, you may apply through Labour Market Impact Assessment where are exempted from the test like IELTS and you can have a job for the labour class would allow you to carry on your job as long as such LIMA visa is valid.

  • IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This English Language Proficiency Test is taken into consideration for higher level of education in Canadian universities and also for white collar jobs. For semi-skilled, unskilled jobs in Canada, IELTS is not mandatory.

    You may check the details from the Canadian High Commision in India (Address:-7/8, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021; Telephone No.: 011 4178 2000).

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  • Whenever a person plans to go abroad for education or job he is supposed be able to communicate there effectively and that is why qualification like IELTS or similar one is asked as an eligibility to move in to those countries. This requirement is not mandatory but for educated persons it helps in getting the entry to the country easily.

    For unskilled and labour group persons it is assumed that they will be working under a coordinator and will not be required to interact directly so language proficiency has no meaning for them.

    For Canada, IELTS is not mandatory but any application for VISA, immigration, PR, work permit etc will be processed smoothly if IELTS certification is attached therein.

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  • Generally many countries insist for english language proficiency for the people willing to immigrate there. This is a very common requirement.

    IELTS is not a compulsory requirement for the persons applying for education or jobs in Canada. People who have acquired this test can attach this with their applications and it is taken as a good support document. The immigration authorities can always ask question regarding your communication language when you are applying to enter in a country and to that extent one should be prepared for any questioning in this regard. The VISA authorities will also satisfy with your educational credentials that you are able to communicate properly when you land in that country.

    For labours and unskilled persons there is absolutely no problem as there will be someone there as a nodal person talking on their behalf whenever such need arises.

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