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    Career change from BPO to IT field

    Planning to switch from a BPO career to the IT sector? Get expert guidance on which are the best IT streams to pursue.

    I have 6 years experience in SAP IS-U [BPO], and I took a basic course in SAP FICA. Now I am looking for an IT job. So is it possible to change my career from BPO? If yes, then which course is better to take up and which IT stream to change to?
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  • See the competition is huge & even the technical expertise is in demand & possibly being into the job of as an end-user wouldn't be of any help. I would like you to go for the practical experience & at the same time start sending your applications. But most important get the consultancy of someone who is close to you, say for example one of your friends might have this subject. Ask him.

  • You have not mentioned about your basic graduation. If the SAP FICA course is similar to that of the SAP Finance course in terms of contents, then you are in the safe zone.

    If it is not similar, then do a fresh SAP Finance course with some ordinary institute, that will charge you some Rs.25,000 or so. In the meanwhile, shift to any company or even trading organization, and take up a job in accounting. Once you are familiar with tally, and accounting, your career will take off. You may also be required to do a small certificate course in Tally, and these are available in every small town.

    Please do note, only a functional specialization will take you to IT. The career in IT will never take off, if you do not have practical functional experience in hard core accounting, and then at least some aspects of Finance. Go to a good organization, in the manufacturing sector. Otherwise, even in a trading organization, or say, Supply Chain Organization, a core job in accounting and finance for around five years will enable you to go into a different orbit altogether.

    However, even if it costs you around three hundred thousand rupees, the SAP Finance certification, will help you to even go abroad. There is a huge demand in Singapore for professionals with your background. So, you will simply take off , provided you gather functional experience and then the SAP qualification, as advised above.

  • The current job market to a certain level is saturated. But a lot of new technologies are coming up and there will always be a shortage of appropriately skilled workforce. Educational qualification is only a part of the skillset, How you learn what you apply matters the most.
    Many Commerce and Arts graduates are also doing very well in IT. Some of them are into networking, some into storage, and some are awesome developers. It all depends on how you go about it, your determination, grit and most importantly persistence and patience.
    If you are currently working in a BPO and you have computer skills. ALready you have SAP also.
    First, determine your interest is in which field. Try to read some basic tutorials on the net on topics such as Networking, Windows and/or Linux Administration. Youtube has some good tutorials. Try the Eli The Computer Guy's videos on YouTube. They'll teach you the basics. Once you get a hang of it, try to determine where your true interest lies.
    After you put in the hard work, do the certifications etc, You can also think of SAP finance which will help you a lot in finding a good job in IT. But you should have some experience in accountancy also. Think of an alternative post in some industry with accounts department. In such case, if you do SAP you will have very good scope for going high in the ladder.

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  • So shall i go for proper certification in SAP field by choosing particular specialisation in SAP.

  • Yes, it is absolutely essential that you go for SAP certification with an ordinary institution in the field of Finance and also immediately jump to a manufacturing or trading organization and learn the ropes in hard core Finance and Accounting. Please do note, as I have already said, you may not get the Finance thing right away. You need at least five years experience in Finance and in the meanwhile, after say four years of experience, you need to apply for the actual SAP Finance certification with the apex organization, where, am told, you need to spend three hundred thousand rupees. Please go in for this, even with a bank loan. After this, and your experience, you can find the core SAP jobs in both manufacturing and in IT sector too. But, the climb., even to the middle level, will take at least five years.

  • Generic response to your query is "Yes! You can switch to IT career". SAP FICA basic course will not help you to get into IT jobs anyways. You should be having any functional SAP Module knowledge or SAP Technical Domain knowledge like SAP Business Objects, BODS, ABAP or HANA to get a core IT job. Entering into Big companies as such is not possible, do some research and select which domain you want to work then find a place where you will get a proper training. SAP Training partners are there in the market they almost train all the modules but very expensive they charge lakhs together. There are places where you will get the similar training or better training for SAP modules in Ameerpet, Hyderabad at considerably very low cost.
    Get complete knowledge on any specific or few related modules in SAP and apply for jobs. First few years you cannot expect much salaries but if you manage to get work experience for 2 to 3 years then it will be relatively easy to plunge the market with better salary prospects. All the big companies including MNCs in India always ask for proper Offer, relieving and service letters so make sure you always have that with you. And try to work for a company that pays in your account else you cannot prove your salary from your employer when approaching for the next job.

    All the best!

  • You want to move to IT area but exactly in which specific area in IT you are indicating is not apparent in your query.

    You have done specialization in SAP- FICA module which is basically to manage contract accounts. It is very specialized type of module and falls under accounting and finance.

    If you are applying for a position in an IT company where your experience can be useful in handling and managing their contracts with their clients then you can be benefitted from this past experience in BPO.

    So you have to search such contract accounts management job openings in IT companies. There will be limited openings but with your experience you can be selected for such posts.

    If you have intentions to shift to core work in IT area then you will have to go for some certificate or diploma course in system management, networking or similar courses. If you have a basic computer science degree then only these additional courses will be helpful to you otherwise it will be better to stick to the area where you have already gathered adequate experience.

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  • While doing your BPO job, you acquired SAP- IS- U ( BPO) and I doubt the authenticity of this qualification in terms of its usefulness in SAP domain. What is required at this juncture is to gain a practical experience in Accountancy in some manufacturing - sector or in any large establishment and your acquaintance with the different nature of Accounts would ultimately strengthen your core knowledge.
    Your earlier qualification was relevant in the area of BPO where you could have utilised your learnings in course of dealing with different clients and with your stint in the BPO company, you could have managed your work in a better way with the aquistion of qualification.
    However, SAP certification relating to Accounts is a different module and you can gain knowledge in this area by reputed institutes working in major cities and ultimately you are required to appear for the test to possess such certification.
    Once you acquire SAP certification followed by experience in accounts, your entry to IT field in SAP certification would be easy.
    The employer would track your competency in the final interview prior to your induction to IT field.

  • 1.Yes you can get IT job, All you need to do is SAP certifications. Now I need to know your background what is your graduation. Do you wanted technical or functional expertise in IT. There is no concept of stream in IT but you have roles in IT like Developer , Tester or Functional. Only developer need technical knowledge.
    2. Identify what role you wanted and choose certificates to do accordingly. As soon as you have certificate apply of jobs based on that role. I am sure someone will definitely give you opportunity.
    All the best.

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