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    How to transfer mobile app data from one android to another new android mobile

    Have a query about transferring data among Android mobile devices? Searching for information about the app to be used and the detailed step by step procedure? Find advice from experts on this page.

    As I'm changing my android mobile, so now I want to transfer all data's & app including whatsapp chat history from my old android mobile to new android mobile.
    Could you please guide me on this by step by step process? If I install that same app,it will come without my old data in that app (eg: onenote: lots of folders with data's, whatsapp lots of chat history data's ). All this I need to transfer as it is from one Android to new Android mobile.
    Could you provide any idea through any app/any other option to take backup those data. Actually mobile don't have external memory card. Both mobile contains internal memory only. Now how to take backup all app with data's saved in that mobile(android)?
    Kindly provide step by step process.
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  • As far as my knowledge goes the contacts in your phone can be added to your google site. They all will get sink with gmail. When you change the phone once you open your gmail on the new phone automatically all contacts will get transferred here.
    The other apps you have to install in the phone as new. In your old phone you can activate your back up option in whatsApp you will get all your information from you old phone to new phone.

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  • If you have stored your data in cloud or any online storage then it is easy to copy it back from there in the new mobile phone. Otherwise it is to be done manually.

    You will require a OTG cable and one pen drive for this. When you connect the pen drive to the old mobile using this cable then you will see the pen drive storage in mobile and can easily copy the data files from old mobile storage to pen drive storage. Now disconnect this pen drive and connect it to new mobile using same OTG cable. Now copy the data files from pen drive to new mobile.

    For contacts in your mobile you can find that you can copy contacts from phone to SIM card and vice versa. Similarly you can copy contacts in a file also which is done by the operating system in mobile when you instruct to do it. This file will be made by the system and generally its default name is -
    It is known as vcf file in the technical circles and most of the young people studying computer are aware of this facility and you can check that with your friend or seniors.

    If you copy this specific file to the new mobile and just click it to run, it will install all those contacts in the new phone.

    Regarding applications you can install them from Google store and run them and give your user name, password or old mobile number to confirm that you are the same person and then you can go inside the app like banking app or wallet app etc. If you keep your earlier SIM in the new phone then you will be in comfortable position as you will get your OTP type codes here only.

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  • It is tough task to change the phone as we don't need to lose the data which is in the old phone.

    For Data : For transferring Data such as images, videos, files etc. Its very simple. Just copy those files in to a computer using an USB cable or you can just send all of them into the memory card and insert that memory card in to the new phone. Or else if you have copied in to a computer , then you can just copy that back into the new phone's internal memory or SD card. Or else if you have apps like ShareIt on both mobiles, you can just send them from one mobile to another one.

    For Contacts : For transferring Contacts, if you have stored your contacts in your google account , just syncing your Google Account in your new phone can bring back all your contacts in your new phone. Or else, select all your contacts in old phone, click export and you will get one file , just transfer that file into new phone and import all the contacts through that file.

    For Apps : Once you transfer the app from one phone to another phone, it is just like downloading the app again in the new phone, everything will be from the start. However some apps such as Facebook are like, you can just login with your credentials, it will be like normal. But for chat apps like Whatsapp/Hike, you need to keep the backup of the chats so that you won't lose your messages. For Whatsapp there is an option for Google drive backup of chats, so that once you install the app in new phone, you can just restore that backup from the Google Drive. But it depends on from app to app and each have a different procedure, so One needs to handle it carefully so that data is not lost.

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  • It's possible. In your case, you have plenty of options.

    Step 1: Allow device manager to backup or erase your mobile. Once you give permission to access this features, Google backup and restore mode is the best option for you in case if you need Messenger data and apps or games data in your new phone. This is incase you're planning to restore your phone.

    Step 2: Go to storage and and set external SD card as default. If it's not already done, make it and move all the apps to SD card. Some apps store data in Phone storage but you need to check yourself.

    Step 3: Access the folder> Android> Data, and back up the DATA folder to your SD card. If you're choosing the default location as SD card, don't backup. Instead backup only the necessary apps exact version ID.

    Step 4: Install the required apps in your new device. Insert your SD card and it will automatically detect the existing data. Make sure your default location is set to external SD card.

    WhatsApp messages are encrypted. Unless you have an idea on how to store those encrypted messages it won't work even if you back up the data.

    Step 5: If you phone is rooted, Lucky Patcher can do the whole task in a few minutes. The options are best compared to non rooted devices. One can backup app data, and apps easily.

    Last, you don't have to worry about WhatsApp data because when you login to what's app from your new device, the automatic restore chats and media's including audios, text files, images, videos will be download from WhatsApp server and they are restored if you allow WhatsApp to download them for you.

    Sign in with your registered mobile no. At the final step, WhatsApp will ask whether you want the previous chat logs to restore. If you click on restore, everything will be restored. Please note that, it might take some minutes considering the size of the restore files.

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