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    Cricket conditions in Caribbean and Indian subcontinent

    Are you enthusiastic to know about the conditions that influence playing the Cricket in Carrabian and Indian subcontinent? Then you should visit this page to know more about it from our ISC experts.

    Is there any similarities in the weather and pitch conditions of Caribbean and Indian subcontinent?What about the cricket conditions in the Caribbean?Which pitch will assist fast bowling in the Indian subcontinent?Does pitches in Pakistan assist fast bowling?
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  • Indian pitches are more friendly to spinners. Initial two days there may be a little support to medium fast and fast bowlers but from second day the ball will start turning. This is because our spinners are more effective than the medium pacers. But Caribbean pitches are very favourable to fast bowlers. They will not assist much to the spinners Once upon a time the Caribbean fast bowlers used to creat terror to batsmen. They will not assist spinners much. That is why earlier days Indian teams were failing too much in the matches. But slowly our bowlers and batsmen improved a lot and able to face them.
    As far as I know wankhade stadium in Mumbai may be a little better for fast bowlers.

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  • Caribbean or West Indies pitches were once considered good for the fast bowler but with time they are not as tough and now they more and less resemble the Indian subcontinent. Of late Caribbean pitches have become slow and turning and are not favourable to stroke play.

    Our pitches are good in the beginning for the fast bowlers but sometimes due to splitting and cracking they create a lot of disorder, confusing the batsman.

    As compared to Australia and England our pitches (including Pakistan) are slow. It means they are batsman friendly and good for spinners.

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  • In the Past, Carribean pitches are like best friends of the fast bowlers. They are green, bouncy and batsmen used to fear to play on those pitches. During the Same time, West Indies team is full of fast bowling legends such as Curtly Ambrose, Courtney Walsh etc. Where as Indian Pitches are from the start little flat and slow. The pitches are batsmen friendly and once 2-3 days are done, the pitches used to wear down thus supporting the spinners a lot. As England, Australia cricketers are not used to these kind of pitches, they used to struggle against our spinners.

    At Present, Indian Pitches are still batsmen friendly but now a days we are looking more pace friendly wickets which are giving equal chances for foriegn teams as well. For example Pitches in Mohali , Dharmasala are more considered as fast bowling friendly pitches. Where as West Indies Pitches have become tad slow and Now becoming similar to our Sub Continent Pitches. There are also assisting a lot to spinners like Narine, Bishoo etc. When it comes to Weather conditions, as they are Islands, there will be lot of moisture and wind on the grounds as well.

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