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  • Is washing the face with beer really beneficial?

    Wondering whether using beer to wash the face is helpful for the skin? Know its pros and cons from experts.

    Some celebrities wash their face with beer to get the glow on their face. Is it really beneficial to facial skin? What are the ingredients in beer to make our face glow and remove the dirt from our skin pores? Are there are any side effects of washing the face with beer? Is it true that washing the face with beer will change the skin colour? What are the precautions that one should take when using beer to wash the face?
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  • Yes, Washing your face with beer or wine, It will give you a new glow and shining in skin. Because it contains fruits, and wine contains grapes, by naturally grapes will reduce wrinkles in face. So that wine also can used for reducing wrinkles in face skin. It will also reduce the aging, and dead cells in face.

    Beer is also used for hair growth. nowadays beer shampoo is also available to apply on hair. effective home remedy for hair growth and healthy hair is egg white with beer. It will also reduce damages in hair.

    Drinking limited amount of wine and beer will make the skin glow and white and also can be applied on skin. Fruit beer is a good one to apply because it will contain vitamins and minerals which will make skin healthy.

  • Beer is an alcoholic liquid which is used for the beautification of the hair and skin, Beer is a good cleanser and helps to remove dead skin cells and improves the elasticity of the skin. It contains B vitamins, hops, saccharides, and yeast which are beneficial to the skin. When added with lime juice it also helps to clear blocked pores and lighten the brown spots
    Beer removes the toxins in the body and cleans up the pores in the skin with its alcoholic properties. It will remove the stones in the kidney. It can hydrate the skin and can smoothen the skin from internally. The anti-bacterial properties of the beer make the skin feel relief from acne.
    Beer is a good conditioner of hair to boost up the hair looks in bouncy along with the face packs. The antioxidant properties of the beer make the skin youth full and fresh looking.

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  • A. Is it really beneficial to facial skin?

    Beer is used for face wash and shampoos. Yes, it has beneficial effects on the skin, the use of beer for skin dates back around 4000 years, when the Egyptians used it for skin cosmetics.

    B. What are the ingredients in beer to make our face glow and remove the dirt from our skin pores?

    Beer is made up of the natural ingredients like barely(malted), specific yeast, starch and water. All these are fermented. Beer is a good medium to remove the dead cells and also balances the skin Ph.

    The specific yeast (BREWER'S YEAST) is a micro-organism called Saccacromyces cerevisae, this rapidly dividing organism does not allow the acne producing bacteria to thrive on the skin. (

    Use of beer to wash the face acts like a good skin cleanser and increases the skin tone and elasticity. The froth and the vitamins (riboflavin,biotin,B12,panthothenic acid) are a good medium to remove acne pores and reduce the incidence of acne flaring up. The brewer's yeast especially is good because it kills the bacteria that trigger the acne and also slow the production of sebum ( an oily secretion for the skin glands).

    Lastly, beer also has 'XANTHOHUMOL' which has anti-cancer and anti-oxidant effect (much more than green tea), which is beneficial to the skin.

    Some people recommend mixing beer with a few drops of lemon juice to open up the skin pores and give the glow and fresh look of skin that you are taking about.

    It is also good for people who have a dry skin.

    D. Are there are any side effects of washing the face with beer?

    If you notice the natural ingridents there would be no major side effects. There are many commerical products like 'beer face mask' and brewer's yeast based skin cream for reducing acne. The side effects on skin is often from consuming/drinking large amounts of beer, thsi causes puffiness.

    E.Is it true that washing the face with beer will change the skin color?

    The skin color improves, it has been shown that the color of acne marks and spots reduce a shade lighter in a few weeks.

    F. What are the precautions that one should take when using beer to wash the face?

    One should use in moderation, avoid getting it into the eyes and ear. Some people worry about beer wetting the hairs, but no problem, Beer is a good protein source for nourishing hair and improving the shine.

  • Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks worldwide. In fact, it is the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea. Beer is not considered right for the health but it is very beneficial for skin and hair. Considering its advantages for hair, its shampoo has started coming in the market. Beer eliminates all kinds of hair problems and adds new life to it.
    Beer is beneficial for your health too, if consumed in moderation. This means one 12-ounce beer for women and two for men in a day.
    Being rich in antioxidants and amino acids, beer can help maintain gorgeous skin and lustrous hair. The yeast in beer is also a good source of B vitamins, protein, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium, which are beneficial to the skin in many ways. The natural ingredients in beer makes skin glowing, natural & perfect. So, apply beer twice in a week to make skin attractive.

    Here are the top beauty benefits of beer. However, do not use beer on your skin or hair too often as its alcohol content can be drying when used in excess.
    1. Makes Hair Healthy and Shiny.
    2. Conditions Your Hair.
    3. Gentle Curly Hair.
    4. Refresh the Skin.

  • Beer is maximum water and has alcohol about 4 or 5% by volume on an average. Sue to the input ingredients and processing beer contains certain other chemicals in micro quantities. As beer is sourced mostly from edible starchy grains beer also contains certain nutrients from the sources material. It also has certain chemicals coming from the added agents.

    Alcohol in low volumes say 4 to 5 % is used in many medicines as solvent. In mild concentrations it is also a hygienic cleaning agent and sanitiser. Beer has alcohol in low concentration and hence can be safely used as a cleansing agent. Due the peculiar methods of processing and ingredients it also possess some micro nutrients. That is why washing face with alcohol gives some freshness and glow to the skin.

    This academic notwithstanding, from the availability of umpteen face wash in market we can know that beer is not the best or convenient face wash anyway.

  • There are many materials in liquid or paste forms which are used to clean the skin of dead cells and give it a shining glow. Beer is one of them used by some people as small amount of alcohol and malt in fermentation present in it do the trick.

    Diluted local beverages are mentioned in the history for their skin cleaning potential and are in their pure quality used as base in many such formulations. People use turmeric pack, fruit peelings, multani clay and other such cleaning material for care and maintenance of their skins especially on the face.

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  • There are many products available in the market for cleaning of skin specially the face, neck and hands and these are based on various cleansing chemicals and compounds.

    The basic working of these formulations is opening of skin pores, removing the dead cells or worn out skin parts, removing the diet and sweat etc. Alcoholic and vinegar based compounds and solutions are generally used for these repair of skin and give it a glowing and shining look. Some natural abrasives like fruit peeling and coarse cereals are also helpful in these methods.

    Beer being a soft alcoholic composition and also containing a residual fermentation, is also helpful in cleaning the skin pores and many people use it for the purpose. After using these methods one should remember to apply a soft moisturizer to bring back the softness in the skin and those persons who are going out in sun must use a sun protection cream or cover the face and necks with soft clothing.

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  • There are many life hacks to make your day. Beer might beneficial but the glow and smoothness won't last for a day. However, if one uses the tricks of mixing Glu with charcoal, it give best result by removing many dark spot and salt along with anti ageing.

    I have also seen some life hacks video where the creator mix one and half spoon of beer with Egg and almond drops to rinse the skin. Another best tricks was mixing some kind of scrub with beer to remove itchiness, skin rinse and salt from your face.

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