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    Query regarding swimming pool permission

    What is the procedure involved in constructing a swimming pool? Visit this ISC webpage to know more about it from our ISC experts.

    I am planning to construct a swimming pool at a village which falls under Palwal district of Haryana state. It is a rural area and the place pool in an agricultural land. What permissions do I need to obtain for this? I searched all Govt.websites but unable to proceed. Please guide me.
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  • You have to take permission for inversion of this agriculture land to nonagricutural land. For this you have to approach the Mandal Revenue officer. You have to give him a letter stating that in the land we have to construct a swimming pool. They will come and inspect the lNd and measure the area. Then they will ask you to pay fees as per the government tariff. Then you have to take the registration as a club. As you will use this facility for commercial purpose you have to tax registration. If you want to employ some people as assistants there you have to registration with labour commissioner also.

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