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    How to find sports events organized in Delhi NCR

    Want to participate in or attend sports events in the various regions of Delhi NCR? Quickly find out from knowledgeable experts how to know about such events.

    I am looking for multiple sports events in Delhi NCR (Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad & Faridabad). Let me know how to know about the specific sports event, the venue and the detailed schedule of such events.
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  • The following three websites are giving the various sports activities and other events taking place in Delhi. You can refer them and decide on the time and date.
    There may be many more such sites. Just I have given for information. These will give you the list of sports that are taking place date wise. These are useful to attend and see the sports. Once you attend the programme you can contact the concerned and try to get the other information regarding the joining in the clubs and participating in the events as one of the players.

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  • also one of the most popular websites with millions of users in Delhi NCR regions and top cities of India you can find more details on

    Noida -
    Delhi -
    Gurgaon -
    Ghaziabad -
    Faridabad -

  • You are looking at multiple sports events in the Delhi region. Of the many popular sports some are

    1.RUNNING: if you are into running for fun, fitness or a keen marathon runner. You can check out the following clubs
    a.Delhi runners
    b.Hashers of Delhi ( For instance the have run planned on June 16th Venue : S-534, 2nd Floor, GK-1, New Delhi.
    c.India track club
    146, Second Floor, MG Road
    Mehrauli - Gurgaon Road,
    Metro Pillar No.47,
    New Manglapuri
    New Delhi 110030, Delhi, India
    +91 959 967 5963
    +91 880 019 0254
    d. Nike + run group
    e.Gurgaon running club ( They have runs in Lesiure valley park.


    3. This website has the popular sports listed with the dates like hockey, swimming,cricket, badminton,football etc.

    You have the Delhi lawn tennis association (, whom you can contact for events for public and other tennis clubs.

    5. Please check out sites like these (, ( that give a break up of the stadiums and clubs that regularly have sports events.

    You can also check out the locality you live in and the nearby parks. There would be small groups that are committed but NOT commercialised focussing on running, badminton etc. You can develop contacts or groups.

    If your workplace or the neighborhood or the apartment complex has an what\s app group, just post a request, there would be many like you who are into some sports that you can link up with.

  • You can easily know any sports activities in events websites. The websites mentioned below are enough for knowing the sports activities in delhi.

    If any need to know details of sport or events in any other place, you can go to home page of this site and choose the place where you want to know more about the sports. you can go through it.

    These websites will show all of the sports like table tennis, football, shuttle, badminton, Tennis, Cricket, etc. By the way you will be get to know about all the sports events in new delhi.

  • There are many sites in internet and by surfing there one can find out the various sports activities in the Delhi and adjoining area but a better approach will be to track the various sports clubs there through newspaper or internet so that the current activities are known.

    I have come across one site where the upcoming and current events are mentioned in details. The link to that site is as follows and may be helpful to you -

    If one is interested to track the information as per clubs then better go to the following link - › clubs

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  • Do you want to know an easy way to track any kind of events? Go to and go to events. Or just type "paytm events" on Google.
    That would immediately show all kind of events in your locality (city). If you want a specific city, you can change the option to any metropolitan city. Go to this link and select 'sports venue' to see exclusively sport based events. You can pay for the tickets right then. So this is the most easiest way.

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  • There are many websites providing information about the sports events. Here are list of sites :

  • There is an upcoming badminton event in Delhi NCR for kids on

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