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    Youtube website for a particular video showing call to action overlay and having no impressions?

    Wondering why a specific youtube video has large number of views but the earnings and impressions have fallen? Looking out for the reasons here? Find answers from ISC experts for your query on this page.

    One of my Youtube channels video was quite popular and was getting good views and good earnings too. Suddenly there is call to action overlay tab appears and further there is no impressions on this particular video. The earnings become zero from this particular video. The views are still there for around 15000 per day but earnings and impression on this particular video is zero. Why is it so?
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  • If you are monetizing your videos and seeing a drop in revenue from videos that are being monetized, review your videos' thumbnails, titles and descriptions. You please ensure the content in your video is aligned with the advertiser-friendly content guidelines.
    If you think your video was demonetized in error, you can make an appeal by clicking on the yellow $ icon next to the video in Video Manager. You will be notified once a decision is made on the appeal, and if it is successful, your video will immediately be monetized again and have a green $ icon.
    Still, your problem is not addressed you can contact the youtube channel by submitting online a compliant form.

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  • Follow the steps to appeal or get troubleshouting help :
    1. Go to the video on your video manager.
    2. Make sure that your content follows advertisers friendly-guideline.
    3. Click rewuest review and follow the on-screen instructions. You will see this option if your video is eligible for appeal.
    4. Once you click on submit button you get the text of appeal's status.

    The status of your appeal will now be in blue text below the monetization icon. If your appeal is successful, more ads may be served on your videos. As a part of some recent changes, however, some videos were classified as not suitable for all advertisers, limiting the number of ads served on those videos.

  • If you are getting revenue from most of your uploads but not getting from a few particular ones then the immediate doubt comes in the mind is that it could be something to do regarding their acceptability from advertiser or youtube point of view.

    To resolve the issue, you have to inquire or appeal to youtube as per the laid down procedure.

    If the revenue was not allotted to your particular uploads due to other technical reasons, youtube will correct it accordingly.

    You can once more go through the terms and conditions of youtube regarding hosting of the channel in their site. It may clarify the things further.

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  • Before giving my answers, I would want you to review the issue by clicking on the CTA link where the problem exists.

    As per the recent changes, the requirements for eligibility to monetize the channel contents are 1000 subscribers, 4000 watchtime, and organic contents.

    The possible reasons are:

    1. Some one has reported your video because there are many reasons.

    2. You might have deleted some videos after monetization and results in drop of watch time.

    3. The title, description and tags are against YouTube policies.

    4. Copyright infringement: Audio, background loop music etc. The copyright author might have claimed his or her copyright content on YouTube without your knowledge.

    If none of the above is correct, please escalate the issue to YouTube support team stating your problem precisely attaching the link, screenshots of that video by signing in to YouTube from your desktop> Creator Studio> Reach Us page. They will revert back in 24 hours.

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