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    Mother's name issue in my different marksheets

    Is there a name mismatch in any of the marksheets? Worried how to handle any issue document verification in a government job? Find responses from experts for all your queries on this page.

    I'm preparing railway examination. My mother's name does not tally in all my marksheets.
    Will it create problems for me at the time of document verification?
    If yes then what's the solution?
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  • You have mentioned that your mother's name does not tally in your marksheets. Is it the same in all the documents or it is different from one document to other. This also you have not mentioned in your description. Anyhow you have to get the mistake rectified in all the certificates.
    As a first step contact a lawyer and arrange for making an affidavit mentioning the correct name of your mother. The lawyer will tell you the procedure you have to adopt for this.
    Once you have made the affidavit you approach the various institutions where you have studied and explain the problem to the head there and apply in writing by enclosing all required certificates and by paying the required fee. They will forward your applications to the concerned authorities and get them back after making the required corrections. You can receive them from the institute.

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  • Any mismatch in the name can create a problem at the time of document verification whenever you apply for a job or apply for a higher education course.

    You have to approach your education board office for rectification of the same by submitting you application and the supporting documents like Aadhar card or PAN card or driving license or voter card in respect of your mother. The board authorities will correct the name based on these authentic documents only. There may be a requirement of proof of address also in this case to confirm your relation to your mother or may be birth certificate.

    So please keep all your certificates and also your mothers document so that you can give the copy of same along with your application. It takes some time in getting these corrections from the board office but after that you will be free from the inconveniences faced at the time of document verification.

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  • Yes, any type of mismatch in the name, father's name, mother's name or surname can create a problem at the time of verification. You have not mentioned that what is the real name of your mother and what is indicated in the different marksheet. If you have to correct the mother name in school mark sheet please follw the following steps:
    1. Contact the principal of your school and ask him to issue a certificate to correct the mother name. The school principal will tally the mother name in school scholar register and issue you a certificate for the same.
    2. Visit the official site of your state board and fill the online form for the correction in mother name.
    3. You have the scan the crertificate issued by principal,photocopy of scholar register, original mark sheet and adhaar card and upload them online.
    4. After upoading the above document you have to pay some nominal charges which varies for different board. You can use your debit card, credit card, net banking to pay the fees.
    5. After paying chareges submit the online form.
    6. You will get the corrected mark sheet within the 15-20 days of submission of online form through your school principal.

    If you need to correct the name in college mark sheet please contanct the college principal. He will guide you to fill the form offline. You can submit the form for the correction in name through your college principal.

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  • There should not be any mismatch in the name whether it is your name or mother's name or father's name in the marksheet as it will invite a big problem at the time of document verification. Whenever one goes for applying for a job and is called for interview at that time all the documents are verified for their authenticity. Any mismatch will attract unnecessary doubt regarding the genuineness of these important documents.

    You have to get it corrected by applying to your education board either online or in manual mode by paying the requisite fee.

    While applying, you will also have to submit the documents where the name of your mother is reflecting correctly. It could be her Aadhar card or PAN card or Voter card etc.

    It will take some time in getting the corrected marksheet from the authorities and thereafter you will be in comfort zone at the time of document verification.

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  • Mismatch of mother's name in various documents will definitely cause difficulties, not only during recruitment examinations but in case of other cases also (like registration of properties, etc.).

    You must submit an application to the Board/University authorities from where you appeared in the Xth/XIIth Board examination/Graduation requesting to issue revised admit card/mark sheet to you with the complete and correct name of your mother. You should apply with necessary supporting documents like copy of your mother's AADHAR card, PAN card and any other document(s) which indicate(s) correct name of your mother. I think that the Board/University authorities would accede to your request.

    If your request is not acceded to, you have to sign an affidavit before the First-class Magistrate of your city indicating the full name and short name of your mother. You would have to publish classified advertisements in two newspapers. You have to preserve the affidavit and original advertisements.

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