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    Is it possible to do B.Ed. while doing Ph.D.?

    Eager to pursue B.Ed. while completing your Ph.D.? Know from experts if it is possible to simultaneously pursue B.Ed. while doing Ph.D.

    I am currently doing Ph.D. in mathematics. I don't have a B.Ed. degree. I have not yet qualified NET or SET. However, due to the uncertainty of CSC, I just want to keep another option in my career. I need about 1 year more to complete my Ph.D. Is it possible for me to enrol for a regular B.Ed. course without discarding my Ph.D. registration?
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  • Are you working as a full-time scholar for your PhD? Then you are not supposed to do B.Ed while you are working for your PhD. You are telling that your PhD will be completed in a year. In such case why you want B.Ed. Once you finish your PhD you will automatically eligible for lecturer post and you need not write your NET exam for lecturership. So B.Ed is a two years course and you have two do that for two years. Instead of that concentrate on your doctorate and complete it within that one year and try for lecturer posts. For mathematics lecturer posts there are many chances and even now you can work in some private college as a part-time lecturer.

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  • In such a condition you have only one option that is to do BEd in correspondence mode but there may be some problem from your institution where you are doing the research work. At the time of undertaking registration for the PhD you might have given a declaration that you will not take any parallel assignment to this research work. In addition, many institutes give stipend or scholarship to PhD candidates and they may stop this financial help if you do not give your full time for the research.

    Anyway, due to these inherent technicalities it is better if you do your BEd after completing the research work. If due to some reason there is problem in continuing your PhD and you are eager to do BEd and to join a teaching job then as an extreme action you may have to abandon your research and go for BEd. You have to take a judicious decision in this regard after considering all the facades.

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  • If you are a regular student then you would not be able to do B. Ed as you can't do two degree courses simultaneously. You can do D. Ed. which is a diploma course with your Ph. D. This year is the last year to do two years B. Ed. course. The next year will be zero years and after that, you have to do 4 years integrated course of B. Ed.

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  • What does it mean zero year for b.ed??

  • Zero years means the seat of B.Ed will remain vacant no admission for B.Ed will be done in the next year. All the seats of B. Ed. college will be vacant for one year.

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  • Zero year in an education course is a year in which no new admission will be made in an existing course that is being pahsed out. This zero year concept is for people already in the system to finish it. Also no new colleges will be approved or granted.

    B.Ed has had many changes, in 2014, it was increased from one year to two years which led to a drop in number of applicants, many colleges were closed down. Students and collges felt that an additional year is wasted without any new or extra degree being given. The new suggestion from the National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE lays down guidelines for the basic teachers education/qualifications in India). The new suggestion is to convert the two year B.Ed into a four year BA+BEd and BSc+BEd.

    Since you are doing your PhD, I would suggest, try and compelete your PhD without any distractions. Then you will have a good oppourtunity for your career and job.

    If you still wish to do your BEd, you would need to apply after you finish your PhD, and then qualify. Since the new rule is to be implement from 2019 onward and still the decision is not year, why not try and apply for IGNOU, write to them and enroll in the distance mode B.Ed given by IGNOU. IGNOU gives a maximum time of 5 years to complete the course.

    Based on your time needs, finish your PhD with first priority and take up the modules whenever you are free. After 1 year(with PhD completed), you can focus on the B.Ed and finish the course. Any rule change will allow the old format candidates to finish as per the old guidelines, think about it because one regular mode course and one distance education mode course is feasible simultaneously with prior approval.

  • Yes, it is possible by opting different routs. Since you are a regular scholar persuing your doctorate - degree, it may not be possible for you to be a student of B.Ed persuing the same by attending regular classes from a recognised university.
    However, there is no such restriction if the course for B.Ed is continued through the correspondance course preferably with IGNOU offering excellent guide in your studies apart from providing quality study - material for your enrichment of knowledge. In terms of UGC affiliation the course is at par with the regular studies provided by any recognised university. Hence it would be a prudent planning to sustain your B.Ed from the correspondance mode while concentrating on your doctorate - project.
    The best option would be to devote your full time to sustenance of Research work for Ph.D and in that way you may submit a quality thesis meant for Ph.D. In that way, your career for Lecturership would be widened and later B.Ed degree can be persued from IGNOU at your convenient timing so as to fulfil your passion.

  • If you are registered for full-time PhD, you can't take admission in regular B.Ed. course. Although you can take admission in a correspondence B.Ed. course offered by IGNOU or some other state universities, I would advise you not to take admission in B.Ed. (correspondence) courses to avoid unnecessary questions in future from persons who are not fully conversant with the procedure or rule.

    So, I think you should wait till you complete your PhD. Thereafter, you can take admission in B.Ed. However, in the meantime, you can prepare yourself and qualify NET/SLET and immediately apply for lectureship in your subject (even before completing PhD).

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