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    Becoming Software Developer need help on an urgent basis

    Are you badly interested in software development? Looking out for how to move ahead? Find ample advice from experts on this page.

    I have not completed BCom because of non interest in studies. I want to study computer science but can not do the same because of family issues. Now I am doing job of data entry in IT company and doing some of testing job from past 5 years and still want to do do job of software developer. I need proper guidelines since I am 28 now and still have interest in the job of software developer.
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  • For becoming a software developer you should have the required qualification and skills. But the description you have given don't say anything about your computer skills. You have not mentioned the job presently you are doing also. I think it is also not related tocomputer science. As you have passed intermediate you can join in any degree with that qualification even though you have not completed your B Com. I suggest you try to do BCA which is also a degree but gives you the basics of compute science. Also learnso languages like C,C+,C++ Java etc. Once you acquire these skills and complete BCA you may get a job in software field.

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  • You are having interest in software development area which is purely a computer software related field and for that you must first obtain some knowledge in basic programming skills and platforms.

    It is said that if a person has interest in a particular subject he can do more efforts and hard work there rather then in a line which is being forced on him. Believing in this you can now channelise your energy in that direction.

    As you need to continue your job, you start learning the languages as well as their applications in program development. For this you will have to join part time some computer academy or institute where you can master your potential in various programming languages and utilities like C & C++ +, Python, ASP.NET, JQuery + JavaScript, Advance Excel, PHP & MySQL, HTML & CSS,, Java Development Kit, JDBC & JavaBean etc etc.

    While learning these or some of these, you will get good exposure to the software assemblage and development and if you work hard you will be able to participate in work projects or assignment soon.

    Please remember, to pursue one's interest, One has to put a lot of hard work and keep patience and sustain and continue it till skills are achieved commensurate with the job market today.

    If you have real interest you can, in part time, add additional courses and certificates to your academic acquisitions.

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  • If you want to make your career in software developer then I will suggest you should learn any language to prepare software. Once you would get perfection in any language, you can apply for a job in any multinational private company. You can also open your own company to prepare software for needy persons of companies. You can also do work as the freelancer. You can contact schools, coaching institutes, medical stores, hospitals, hotel, etc to prepare software for them can earn a good money. You have to work hard once and after that, you would be a familiar name in the field of software development and people will contact you for their work.

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  • Becoming software developer is not that easy you might think. In this field, you need to be student permanently to improving and keep learning with your education.
    For becoming software developer, you must know languages such as C, Cplus plus, Java,.. Etc. There are many private institutes teaching those languages. You can do that courses after twelth class. You can also do BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application) which is 3 year bachelor degree programme completely related to programming languages and computer. If you wants to learn only java then it is bettar to do it seperately by taking admission in some best institutions.

  • @Soniya,
    1. Software Developer is nothing but mastering in any of the programming language. All you need to do a course of your choice of programming language.
    2. Since you don't have back ground of technology graduation it is very difficult route for you but not impossible.
    3. First understand how good you are in English writing and communication, because even if you are good in programming , nowadays software companies do see your vocal ability.
    4. Choose your programming language as per your interest , first learn what every language has applications like .NET used in WEB developments etc.
    5. Choose good reputed institutes who gives your learning and job offers like C-DAC.
    6. Now even Civil and Mechanical engineers are doing programming so for you being in testing it should be little quick to pick up learning.
    I wish you all the best.

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  • Interest, time management and consistency is the greatest strength in the line of Software programming. Learning a new programming language pristine from stracth is really intriguing. You start with a C programming language before you can go for C#, Java or Python. Please note, you cannot learn Python at this age because it is considered illegal.

    There are many ebooks, apps, and tutorial on the net that offers free tutorials at free of cost. You can learn from them and take a course from any experienced programmers or ethical Hackers. Learning isn't a big deal. However, one has to master and understand the in and out of any programming language after you learn to write lines of code by yourself without asking assistance to anyone.

    To be honest, it took me three months to learn C programming language. I mastered every tricks and lines of blocks for around two and half years. Time becomes our greatest enemy. Once, you learn C, go for C# or Java. Also learn some ethical hacking course after learning C program language to boost your understanding to 50x. Because most people learn language and just end up writing crap apps, codes that aren't worth.

    Spend two to three hours writing codes regularly. Make mistakes and correct yourself. This way you will be able to understand quickly and master gradually.

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