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    Can I apply for BEd after distance BCA

    Interested in studying for BEd? Want to know if this course can be done after distance BCA? Check out this page and get to know the eligibility criteria for BEd.

    I have done BCA from Vinayaka Mission University in distance mode . After that have I completed MCA from Moulana Abul Kalam Azad University (WBUT).
    Can I apply for BEd course?
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  • Definitely you can apply for B.Ed. When the admission notification comes you can apply and you have to apply for admission test. Once you get qualified in the test based on your rank you will get the seat. But what I suggest is as you have already completed your MCA you can try for lecturer post by getting qualified in the CAT conducted by CBSE you will get lecturer post without any necessity of BEd. While working in the college you can do your PhD. If you have chance to get a lecturer post in a private college also you join and complete your PhD while working there. Then you will be eligible for lecturer post in government colleges also.

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  • Yes, you can apply for B.Ed. as you have completed your BCA which is equivalent to graduation course. If you want to do B.Ed. then please take the admission in any college as it is the last year of B.Ed. and next year will be zero years. After that, you would be able to take admission in four years integrated course of B.Ed.

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  • There is no problem in applying for admission to BEd in your case. After completing it, you will have options for teaching in various categories in the schools.

    If you have a good academic career, you can even go for tests like NET etc which will give you opportunity for applying for lecturership in the colleges.

    If teaching is your interest area then it makes sense to go for BEd. However, as per your qualifications, you have presently many other options and the opportunities to exercise ranging from IT jobs in the industry to Govt jobs at center and state Govt levels.

    Meanwhile, join some small job, whatever it is, to gain the practical experience and also to keep yourself busy. You can even consider BEd through correspondence mode or in evening college mode if you want to do it as a sideline to your job.

    Please remember that to use your academic knowledge you must keep yourself busy in a job where you can refresh it. From that angle, a teaching job is a good choice.

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  • Yes, you can apply for BEd after pursuing BCA/MCA. Keep checking the newspaper for notifications about BEd entrance exams. From next year on, the course will be integrated. You can get a job as a computer teacher after BEd.
    Apart from this, you can also apply for NET/SET exams and join degree college.

  • Yes, definitely you can apply for Bed(Bachelor of Education). The degree you got from which mode(distance and regular) does not matter what matter is eligibility for admission. So eligibility criteria to pursue for Bed is :
    * You should have graduation degree, no matter its from distance learning.
    * You must have scored minimum 45% percenage marks in last final year exam.Only those students will be permitted to write for the exam who have already cleared the qualifying (final year) exam on or prior to the date of submission of the form. The applications of candidates who have not secured a pass in their qualifying exam will get rejected.

  • Yes, you can apply for B.Ed course as you have completed your Graduation and Post-Graduation from recognized universities. But in your particular case, I have serious doubts whether you will able to properly utilize your B.Ed. degree, i.e., whether you would be able to join as a teacher in a recognized school.

    You have done BCA and MCA, but very few schools in India can offer a suitable teaching job (PGT in Computer Science/Computer Application) to a candidate with such high qualification.

    If you are genuinely interested to become a teacher, I would advise you to apply for the post of PGT (Computer Science) in residential private schools in India where adequate facility to study/teach this particular subject is available.

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  • Yes, you are entitled to persue your B.Ed course. It hardly matters whether your qualifying examination ( ie graduation ) is from the regular mode or otherwise. However, it must be done from a recognised university having UGC affiliation and apart from that there are certain norms essential to be fulfilled so that you can sit for B.Ed examination. The criterias are as follows-
    1) You should have a graduation degree regardless the stream but it must be from a recognised university.
    2) Ensure that you have at least secured 50 percent marks in your qualifying examination so as to claim eligibility for B.Ed entrance - test.

  • You are eligible for BEd if you have acquired 50% marks in BCA. After completing BEd you will have to search suitable teaching job in your core area that is computer. However, you can try for applying for primary teacher post also where you can teach other subjects also.

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  • You can apply for B.Ed. after graduation or any higher education. While applying there are certain eligibility criteria , if you are satisfying it you are good to get admission.

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