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    Need help in installing Java on my laptop

    Have a query about installing Java on a laptop? Searching for the settings on the machine to know whether Java is installed? On this page ISC experts shall provide you with guidance to resolve your issue.

    In my laptop I have windows7 and I have to upload digital signature in the education portal of M.P. I have successfully uploaded digital signature but after it, there is something wrong is setting and I am unable to forward the application. When I verify java it shows that java is not installed or not enabled. Though I have installed java and also enabled. I am unable to find what is wrong with the setting. Is there any member who can assist me? I can give you access to my computer through team viewer or any other software. I am using internet explorer 8.
    If you have knowledge, please assist me to verify my java version.
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  • There could be many reasons as to why JAVA is not functioning properly in your PC.

    One of the common reasons is mismatch between 32 bit versus 64 bit applications. Please check whether IE installed in your PC is 32 bit or 64 bit. Then you can accordingly select JAVA version also for same.

    Due to bit version differences sometimes these programs interfere and do not work properly.

    Another aspect is sometimes when we uninstall anti virus programs, they are not cleaned out properly and there residues interfere. For that we have to use some cleaner or remover apps for that specific anti virus remaining part in the PC.

    You can check the updates of JAVA also whether they are in place or not.

    Have you tried to change your browser to say Mozila Firefox just to check if it is a browser related problem?

    Hope these measures help you to get a solution to the problem.

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  • The 32-Bit or 64-bit has nothing to do with this issue. When an Administrator install any kind of software in your system, most software offers two types of Architures bits either 32 or 64. Your issue is vague. However, if you have already installed Java but Applets are not working in your IE browsers, then switch your browsers to Firefox or Chrome.

    The Applets are not workinb in your system because you have installed Java but you haven't enabled Java. Go to Java control panel and enable it manually as per your preferences. I never use IE so I have no idea whether it supports Java or not. However, to see whether your IE supports Java, you need to see whether your browser is is out of date or need to update to latest version configured to use Java, check your settings in the Java Control Panel.

    Please note that Im using Windows 8 64-bit since I don't prefer Windows 7. The setting and control panel for this tutorial might be vague for you. So make sure you follow the below steps systematically as per your system control center.

    Step 1: Go to Control Panel>

    Step 2: Java> Java Control Center>

    You will find 5 TABS. Click on the fourth tab Labeled with SECURITY.

    Step 3: Enable Java in Browsers

    Step 4: Go to Edit List> Add IE, Chrome, Fire Fox etc... Whichever browser you want to enable Java contents.

    Step 5: Hit the APPLY option> Ok> Restart your PC to affect the changes.

    Second Solution for Internet Explorer:
    Step 1: Click Tools and then Internet Options
    Step 2: Select the Security tab, and select the Step 3: Custom Level button
    Step 4:Scroll down to Scripting of Java applets
    Step 5: Make sure the Enable radio button is checked
    Step 6: Click OK to save your preference

    Restart your browser and if it doesn't work try restarting system itself.

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  • The two most important reasons why Java has functionality issues on laptop.

    1. PATH issue.
    2. File corruption issue

    In case of the PATH for the Java, it needs to be in the system variables. So you may want to check out the following URL for more information.

    Another case is where the files are corrupted. So in such case you have to uninstall existing JAVA version. And then download the new version of java. Make sure that it gets installed properly and has itself into the SYSTEM PATH.

    Follow the instruction on the page and then install the java on computer. It does not require reboot. But for PATH specific issues, reboot is a good to have in that case.

  • @Mahesh, refrain from giving wrong suggestions. The author is technically ignorant and he will end up crashing his computer if he modify the paths. He is asking how to solve Java Applets issue that Java is installed but Applets are not working in his IE browser. The reference URL is not valid.

    This AE question applies only for Java software not Java IDE or NetBeans Development interferences to run the IDE or paths. I do agree that path is significant but not in this question.

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  • @Hakimuddin,
    Please attach snapshot of error message. Do following checks.
    1. Check on command prompt (Press WINDOWS + R and type cmd) if JAVA_HOME is set. You can do this by typing echo JAVA_HOME. This will make sure to acknowledge system to use environment variable.
    2. I am unclear on your comments of "I am unable to forward the application" . So this is very tough to isolate issue if it is related to application or your machine.
    3. There are different softwares required for different Java functionalities. So I would request first check required softwares if installed. Portal must be having information about required softwares.
    4. Browse through other browsers and try.

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