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    I seek Career Guidance post HSC

    Confused between choosing BCA or BBA after HSC? Looking out for career guidance here? You can check out advice from experts on this page and decide how to resolve your confusion.

    I had completed my HSC in 2013 with (PCM), and now I wish to recontinue with my academics. As of now, I am doing a job as a master trainer (Train teachers to teach language - English & Management part) in an NGO institution.
    What course will be beneficial for me ahead: BCA or BBA?
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  • I suggest you do your graduation in Arts while you are working there. Then you can go for B.Ed. After completing that you will be eligible for teacher post in government schools.
    You can do DEd with your HSC qualification which will give you the eligibility for secondary grad teacher post. You have to write entrance test for getting qualified to join in this course.
    They are the best options for you as you are already in teaching profession.
    If you want to select a cours between BCA and BBA, better go for BCA.

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  • What do you want to be in future? To provide a training to the teachers and to teach the students are different. You cannot compare both things. If you want to make your career in the field of teaching then I will suggest you do four years integrated course like B.Sc. B.ed, B. A. B.Ed., etc. I will not suggest you do B. Com, B.Ed.
    If you want to make your career in the field of the computer which is the necessity of present and future time I will suggest you do BCA. It is very good course and there are good opportunities for jobs in both government and the private sectors. BCA is very interesting course if you enjoy working on the computer. You can learn different languages and prepare different software. There are many opportunities. You can also do MBA after BCA if you want.
    If you want to make your career in the field of administration then I will suggest you do BBA. After BBA you have to do MBA.
    So, I will suggest you do BCA instead of BBA as you can do MBA after completing BCA.
    Let first decide in which field you want to make your career.

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  • After HSC there are many options and generally the students will try to pursue the line in which they have aptitude and interest. You are already doing teaching job in a NGO. Does this job interest you? If yes, then you can think for going for BEd which is the mandatory requirement for teaching especially in Govt schools.

    I will suggest you to go for graduation in arts or science as per your interest and then go for BEd. This will give you a larger platform for teaching subjects of your interest and more job opportunities will also be there.

    If you can afford higher education then you can even go for Post Graduation followed by NET test which will give you opportunity to apply for lectureship in various universities and colleges.

    You can also consider BBA or BCA as different career options but either you should have an interest in business and industrial world or should be interested in IT sector. If you choose IT sector then with your background of PCM in HSC, you can definitely pick up the computer knowledge in a fast pace and then progress ahead in the field of software development or system analysis and management. Organisational softwares based on SAP etc are also very exciting in todays environment and an IT person can have a good career there.

    You have to consider all these options vis-a-vis your financial standing so that you can take a conscious decision. Do not be bogged down by difficulties and hardships. They will always be there.

    One thing which I want to advise is that never remain idle and unoccupied. Grab whatever job you get and increase your knowledge and skill there. It is good that you have already engaged yourself in a NGO. There is no substitute for experience.

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  • Since you are engaged in teaching profession and if you want to persue in the similar line, you need to upgrade your qualification at least to the level of graduation followed by B.Ed degree. Graduation in Science can only be taken up by joining regular classes in an affiliated college but while doing graduation in Arts by being a private student or enrolling the course of distance education with some open universities like Karnataka Open University, Utkal University, Manipal Distance Education, IGNOU etc will enable you to adjust your timing between your duties and your self studies. You need only your firm determination to go ahead with your venture so as to acquire both graduation in Arts and a B.Ed degree from the distance education mode. You must keep up your mind to achieve at least a high second class in graduation followed by your B.Ed degree so that you qualify the minimum eligibility - criteria.
    The other option would be to opt for either BBA or BCA depending upon your passion and interest. If you are inclined for adding some qualification in the computer, this qualification would suit you. BBA would be an ideal qualification if you have flair for Business - studies.
    However, you must choose a prominent institute for continuance of your degree with a well recognised university and a better scoring will open your further avenues.
    If interested for the assignment of Lecturership, you will have to pass out M.A with a well recognised university with at least 55 percent marks and appear for NET test and clearance of the same test will make you eligible for the Lecturership in a government - college.
    You have to chalk out a planning and the same is to be followed religiously in order to make a successful career.

  • If you want to take up teaching as a full time occupation you will have to do BEd which is a mandatory qualification for teaching in schools. It will be advisable to go for graduation also so that you acquire qualification to teach to higher classes also. Teaching job is available in Govt as well as private schools and one has to apply against the vacancies advertised time to time.

    You should keep a track of local papers where generally such vacancies are advertised.

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  • You now have one or two choices. If you are serious about a career as a trainer in the NGO field, given the fact that you have some experience, you will do well to immediately enroll in the part-time BBA course, which will give you the flexibility to continue in your job, or even work as a freelancer. However, you must complete the BBA course and then take up the Master's Degree In Social Work, which is now available in so many colleges, as an evening course, starting at around 2 PM. You can specialize in what is called Community Development, and with your experience, you can easily find jobs with many institutions in the NGO sector, where there is a need to train the personnel in various aspects of Management and soft skills.

    Of course, you also have another option. Do the BBA course part-time, or even through correspondence, and then pursue a good MBA either from one of the good IIMs or from the best college in your city. Needless to add, the standards of the CAT examination and the group discussion and even the interview, to get a seat in IIM, is very tough. Prepare very well, and even join a coaching institute. There are some thirty colleges for MBA, apart from the IIMs, and these have good standards too. Details of the same can be found in some many replies in this very same website itself.

    A totally different option would be to do in for a career in say, event management, as there is huge scope, after your BBA. The nature of the job, and the salary will totally change for the better. But you should be passionate about it, and be willing to work for several hours. If you give some more idea of the actual work you do, and what you are passionate about, I can counsel you far better. The BCA course is best avoided, as the jobs in IT would soon reach a saturation point. Instead, as a trainer after BBA, you can still make a good career.

    All the very best.

  • Assuming you are 23 year old now based on your 12th passing out in 2013. Since you are already doing teaching of English and Management part. Do you think you are good in it and can grow then BBA is perfect for you.
    If you have good score in 12th in Maths then opt for engineering or BCA. Keep in mind that graduation choice is very important for your career so be sure what you opt. Also there are hurdles like reservations and fees so that can change your decision. All the best.

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  • I am glad that you are employed as a training the trainer/teacher. It would be valuable experience to be mentioned in your CV. Please continue doing so, you need to utlitise this head start and prepare for becoming a teacher in the Government sector or in the private schools/institutes.

    You need to have a basic bachelor's degree and then a B.Ed to be able to appear for government teacher recuirtment. Depending on your age, time at hand and the finance resources, you have the options of

    A. Joining a reputed evening college for a B.A/B.Sc/B.Com and then moving on to complete the B.Ed.

    B. You can continue working and compelete the same by distance mode from IGNOU or similar distance education universities that are recognised by UGC.

    C.You can try and apply for IGNOU's Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) if you have a teaching experience of two years.

    D. You can consider the 4 year integrated B.A + B.Ed course (

    I would say, this would be good rather than a BCA or BBA. If you are into administrative duties in the NGO and have a future chance of becoming a manager along with teaching, then you can choose BBA and move on to MBA. With this move, you can slowly look managerial head, operations head of the NGO unit of the city or the state.

  • The choice entirely depends on you only. What do you want to do in future? Choose the course for future study accordingly. Both BBA and BCA are professional, career-oriented courses. I feel that you should go for BCA only if you have Computer Science as one of the subjects in your X+II and you want to develop your career as a computer programmer.

    But If you want to remain in the field of NGO Management, you should go for BBA and then MBA with specialization in NGO Management.

    Choose the future course of study wisely after introspection and getting guidance from knowledgeable persons.

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