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    One of my friend has done PG Diploma in HRM after graduation, BCA.

    He has worked as a HR cum Admin Assistant for around 2 years and then worked as a Process Associate for a BPO, for 6 years.

    After that he has put up a shop and looking after that since last year.

    Now, he is planning to search for a job in the Back Office.

    Can you please suggest how can he get into that?
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  • Your friend has a good qualification and a varied experience in different fields. He even managed his own shop. But from your question, it is not clear why he wanted to go back for a job from his own business. Actually, if the business is running well, he will become an employer instead of becoming an employee. That can be a good way to prosper much. Instead of going back let him explore the chances of continuing the existing business and also think of expanding the business.
    If he doesn't want to continue in that line, he can try for a job in any Organisation in the back office area. As he is having 8 years experience and a diploma in HR in can try of the junior level officer in any organisation in their HR department. While trying for the job he can try to do a graduate course in HR as a private candidate. These days all good organisations are given a good thrust to HRD function and once he joins in that department in another 2 or 3 years of time he can grow to the Manager level. Many private organisations will be advertising for these posts. Let be in that look out. It is better he places his resume in and searches for the jobs in those sites.
    Another option for him is administration department. With his experience in business and BPO, he will be more suitable for Dy.Manager level post in the administration department of an organisation.
    Even though your friend is having BCA degree he is not having any experience in that line and also he has not updated his knowledge in that area going into that field is very difficult. If he wants to do something in that line he has to brush up his knowledge by doing some diploma or certification in the latest subjects and try.
    I sincerely recommend him to go for HR or Administrative job and he will definitely get and flourish in that job.

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  • As per the information you have given, your friend has the qualification equivalent to M.B.A and have 8 years experience. Then he has plenty of chance to get into the job if he can prove his knowledge and experience in the interview. Since its only 1 year he has been into the business. That one year won't be any hurdle to him to get the job. He can try through online job portals. He can even search jobs through LinkedIn, as now a days many recruitment are being done through LinkedIn itself. As he has experience, ask your friend to reach to his contacts and check whether there is any vacancy in their organisations, as many organizations recruit based on employee referral basis. If he want to go to Govt Organizations also, he can try. Ask your friend to contact the people who are already doing the job, which your friend is trying to get into, request them for the guidance how to get into that job, as the people who are in the field can give the best advice.

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  • Your friend is having a varied experience and he will definitely be getting a job of his choice once he sincerely tries for it. He can search a variety of jobs as he has the background of computers and has experience of HR area which is nowadays an important assignment in all the organisations.

    What I will suggest is in addition to the job portals he should just go through the local newspapers which sometimes give good job positions in local industries specially in a bit remote areas. These industries have a problem of their good hands moving out to big cities frequently and they lose the experienced people.

    Another thing is searching a job in private colleges for teaching. That is one area which can be explored.

    Some finance companies also require persons to man their back office specially the administration while some sales and service companies also require people for the same purpose.

    It is true that job condition in our country is tight and one has to do a lot of efforts in getting a suitable job for oneself. Still persistence and continuously trying for those positions will bring positive results. Patience is the key to this situation and one must endure to full extent.

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  • @Smita,
    You said "planning to search for a job in the Back Office." , assuming you wanted only regular hour office work.
    Since he has experience there are lot of doors to grab opportunity. Considering his experience, tell him to post resume online on Naukri or other job sites and attend calls from different people. Now it is up to him what job profile he wanted to continue with either HR or BPO executive. BPO won't allow general hours so better to choose HR jobs.
    To start with search , accept offers and see what is more suitable.

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  • I am making a simple guess that your friend is around thirty years in age. It is also not clear why he started a shop having worked for about 6 years. Unless he is facing loss and there is no potential or possibility to revive the business, why should he now look for a job?
    If the shop is doing somewhat well and giving profit, and he needs more capital to enhance the business, he may approach banks for loan for working capital or expansion.

    But if he has strong reasons to shut shop and go for employment, then he will have many opportunities. But he should be ready to compromise on some or other factor.This is because he is not a fresher now. So he should encash his experience and qualification. He has to be on the lookout for such jobs where he had some experience and knowledge. He may try with some small or middle level companies or organisations.
    He can register with the employment agencies.
    Many proprietary and partnership or private limited firms need such candidates-who have some experience and qualification, but will not demand very high compensation. Your friend can go through the local newspapers , register with recruiting agencies etc.He can also spread word of mouth through his well wishers and acquaintances.

    But all said and done,if his shop business is doing reasonable well, it is better to concentrate on that and develop
    the same.

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