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    How to differentiate male and female crab?

    Want to differentiate between the various genders of crab? Looking out for these differential points online? You can read the responses from experts on this page.

    I, sometimes, go to the fish market to bring some crabs, which I am very much fond of. It is said that female crabs are more fleshy than male crabs. But, whenever I bring crabs to my home, most of them will have less flesh except one or two.
    I am not able to differentiate male and female crabs even though some say that it is very easy to differentiate.
    How to differentiate between male and female crabs?
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  • Male blue crabs have blue claws and female blue crabs have red-tipped claws The apron of a male is long and pointed. The shape of the apron will be like Washington Monument. The apron of the female blue crabs is round in shape and is similar to that of the United States Capitol. Males will have broader bodies and more sharp spines than females.
    Male blue crabs shed their shell about twenty times until maturity, while female blue crabs shed about eighteen times. Males mate several times in a lifetime, while females mate only once.
    The texture of their meat of males will be flaky whereas females will have dense meat.
    Watermen call male blue crabs "jimmies," adult female blue crabs "sooks," and adolescent female blue crabs "sally."

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  • There are two main methods based on simple observations using which one can differentiate between the male and female crab.

    The first is based on the colour of claw especially the tip of the claw. In males, this colour is blue or dark blue while in females it is red. So this is the first apparent distinction.

    The second is you have to observe the apron shape on the bottom side (underside) of crab. In males, this apron shape is pointed triangular while in females it is broad triangular. This apron is known as 'flap' also.

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  • Strange. Most people tend to ignore females while fishing as they lay eggs and keep the ecosystem in harmony. It is always better to leave females on their own.
    Males fight using their claws. So their claws(pincers) tend to be bigger. That is one way to tell. And males have tougher shells and they are bright in color.
    Also males have a flat belly while females have a rounded belly. If you are lucky you may see a sac protruding from females' belly in the breeding season.

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  • Interesting question.
    Crabs are generally good during the winter months (December-January). When it comes to size, large crabs does not necessarily translate into bigger meat. large ones tend to be more bland. You need to have medium sized ones to have the balance between volume and taste.

    While you buy, the crab should be active, alert and mvoing well. Some expeerts belive the opposite, if you want general meat, then go for female crabs, if you want claw meat go for male crabs.

    Male crabs have bigger claws and a narrow tail, Female have smaller claws and a wide tail.

    Some believe in the local saying that crabs bought before a full moon day will be more bulkier and heavy because after that they shed their shells (shedders/moulters). After the full moon, once the crabs have moulted and caught quickly, then they have had little time to fatten up.Hence low on meat after a full moon.

    We buy vegetables like that with two regular vendors who give us a good deal and good items. Similarly, Why not have a regular sea food vendor at the local fish market and ask him to give you the best. If you are a regular customer, then he/she is less likely to mislead you.

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