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    Query about IGNOU Dual Degree programme

    Planning to do a dual degree from IGNOU? Looking out for detailed information about such dual degrees? Find responses from experts for yuor queries here.

    Current Qualification: BBI/MCOM/BED
    Current Job: TEACHER

    I wanted to inquire if IGNOU offers DUAL DEGREE programme. I want to pursue BA (English) and MA (English) for teaching related career. Can any experts from IGNOU solve my queries?

    I am unable to pursue NET/SET due to low scores in MCOM (48%).

    Any advice/help on dual degree programme is welcome.
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  • The UGC has not endorsed any universities to allow students to pursue dual degree or masters at the same time. Even one degree from IGNOU and one in another distant or regular university is not allowed. it won't be valid as UGC doesn't endorse that. You cant show both certificate at an instance.
    You can do the one-degree course and one certificate course or Diploma course simultaneously.

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  • As Rao Sir has already said, you cannot do two degrees at the same time, as you have to show your certificates. Of course, these days, the correspondence education standards have go to the lowest level.

    You can please register with the University of Madras or the Annamalai University, with your Degree certificate and spot admission is always done in so many places. Once done, go in for BA (English) right away, if you are so serious, about a career in teaching. Once you complete BA you can enroll for the MA and then take the UGC NET and the State SLET, as applicable to you.

    However, an industrial career is also a wise option, more so, till you complete both the BA and the MA, which will take four years. If you work in a trading company for example, you can pick up huge skills in accounting. Combine that with tally. And if you want to continue in industry, please do the costing course, and that will help you to go ahead.

    At the end of five years, it is possible for you to switch careers, go to a school job and then come up through experience. Please do note, even if you pass the inter of ICWA, you can easily continue in industry itself, where the salaries and perks will be far better. Alternatively, you can go to the school, but the way ahead is a long climb. It will take at least seven years for you to settle in a school career. In the interim, you need to survive and hence gather the vital accounts experience. You can even assist your school at a later stage. Tomorrow, it will be a case of multi-skills and multi-tasking, even in schools. Please do note, every single school in the private sector will look for branding and expect you to be actively involved in the process. For example, the ISO certification, which means a huge amount of documentation. Once you go through the mill, you will learn.

    All the best.

  • Is it too late for you to apply for M.Com imporvement exams?

    1. IGNOU offers dual degree program in selected courses but it is capped by the number of credits of the courses and the time. Please read clearly about the associate student program of IGNOU (

    2. The dual degree is offered for candidates doing their CA course. You would not be able to do a Bachleor's and a masters together.

    3. But you can do on full time course and one more distance mode education course with prior apporval from the universities.

    Why do you want to change from commerece to arts?

    You have your BBI/MCom and a B.Ed. Have you considered taking up the TGT exam? Once you are pass and get into a government job as a teacher of mathematics. Then you can re-sit your M.Com via distance mode from IGNOU. Once you compelete this with good marks, then you can write the PGT exam/NET/SET. After qualifying you can progress to be a lecturer or assistant professor in the colleges teaching commerce or mathematics.

    If you still want to do your BA, then after joining as a school teacher in the government sector, then enroll via IGNOU for your BA, compelete it and then go for your MA.

    With the current qualifications if you are unable to take up the TGT or not eligible for some reason, you can try and join a decent coaching center, online teaching firm, private schools as assistant teacher or even a tutor in firms that offer tutions to students in the cities.

    It would be finally your choice, but I am not comfortable with you redoing your BA and MA without gettting into work. So, consider somehow getting into work and then working your way up with distance mode courses from IGNOU or recognised univerisities so that your work experience keeps ticking while you pursue getting additional degrees.

    Lastly, there are private colleges that offer one year UGC recognized M.Com for students who have failed or want to re-sit the exam, please verify this and then contact UGC before you enroll for such courses/programs.

  • You cannot do two-degree courses simultaneously from the same university or different university as per rule. As you have already done M. Com so you do not need to do B.A. (English) you can do M.A. (English) from any university. So, I will suggest you do M.A. English. You have already done B.Ed. so, there are good opportunities for you to get government job as English lecturer in any higher secondary school. There is a good demant for M.A. English and B.Ed. teacher all over the India.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • With your post - graduate qualification in commerce, you cannot persue your graduation in English. However, you can opt for graduation in Arts taking English as one of the elective subjects from IGNOU. You can be granted permission for the continuation of B.A and later with the same University MA in English can be persued.
    Considering the total time consumption in completion of these courses would take roughly five years thus wasting your valuable time which could be otherwise utilised for the constructive career growth.
    In your case, it would be better to seek a permission from IGNOU for your appearance in the M.Com examination for improvement purpose. With your dedicated studies and sincere involvement, you can get through the M.Com with high marks. Later you can sit for NET test provided you secure a minimum of 55 percent marks in M.Com.
    By clearing the NET test conducted by CBSC, you will be eligible for the post of Lecturership in a government college. Later on , you can add a doctorate degree for the better growth.

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