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    Confusion about consumption of unwated 72

    Have a query about usage of Unwanted 72? Searching for details of its dosage, and safety here? Resolve yuor worries with medical advice from our ISC experts on this page.

    I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend only for a few minutes but after that we used protection. I thought that I was done with my period as the bleeding was basically over but I again started period bleeding after sex.
    I am quite confused whether I should take unwanted 72 or not?
    Is it safe to take the pill just after my periods?
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  • Unwanted 72 is a hormonal pill. it is advisable not to use it as a method of regular contraception. Sometimes it may play havoc on the natural flow and ebb of hormones. It may affect more than just your menstrual cycle. Emergency contraceptives should be used only in case of emergencies – not more than once in 6 months. Any form of emergency contraceptive should not be used as an excuse to have unprotected sex and should be reserved only for unplanned, isolated coital acts.
    What I suggest is wait for your normal periods and if it is not coming then test yourself for a pregnancy test. If it is positive then consult a doctor and do the needful for discontinuing the same. If you feel that you can't wait it is better to take a doctor's advice on the usage of these pills.

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  • Unwanted 72 overall a good emergency contraceptive pill, and the side effects of not eating before its expiry date must equal unbridled.This'd want an early look should be taken after unprotected sex. Unwanted 72, is an emergency contraceptive pill. Unprotected sex failure of within 72 hours of taking the chance of pregnancy is lost.
    If you eat it within 24 hours of unprotected sex, 95% are likely to impact it. If you eat it within 48 hours of unprotected sex, 85% are likely to impact it. If you eat it within 72 hours of unprotected sex, 55% are likely to impact it. There is also some side effects of this pill. There is a chance of HIV infection if you eat it more because its dose is very high. There is very less success rate of unwanted 72.
    You should not eat it on an empty stomach after dinner, you might get an abdominal pain, stomach pain after eating it, but every time it puts not necessarily have discomfort after eating, you get dizzy and vomiting and headache. If your breasts can be a pain in your breasts may be tender for a few days if excessively if you are allergic to levonorgestrel.

  • Unwanted 72 is an emergency - medicine for avoidance of pregnancy and it works best if taken without making delay after intercourse.
    Since it is not a regular contraceptive and its frequent use will put your health in risks such as elevation of Liver - engyme, Affecting your menstrual - flow or even it may cause to be anemic. The - success - rate of this medicine is fairly high - as much as 95 percent but it does not give you total protection.
    In case, you don't get a positive response of this medicine after its ingestion, it would be better to have consultation with the Gyanaecologist for further course of action.
    However, you should take care that this medicine should not be ingested in the empty - stomach in order to avoid the side - effects of this medicine.

  • Please meet your gynecologist and seek professional guidance.

    Unwanted 72 prevents or reduces the chance of pregnancy after an unprotected intercourse. It contains levonorgestrel that inhibits ovulation. This is referred to as the morning after pill that can be taken up to 72 hours from the initial event.

    This is developed specifically for emergency contraception like this situation. Bleeding can also happen due to the act itself. When taken, unwanted 72 is efficient in around 60-95% of cases, the values dropping as the time from intercourse increases.

    Regarding safety, this can be taken with caution, only for emergency use. If one is a diabetic, epileptic or hypertensive, then it is better to discuss with the doctor once.

    Ingestion of this tablet also can lead to intermittent bleeding. In your case, please watch for the onset of your regular cycles. If there is a delay when you need to check with one of the over the counter pregnancy detection kit. If this raises a doubt, then you would need a blood test checking for the values of the pregnancy hormone (B-hcg).

  • Unwanted 72 is just another version of contraceptive pill. If you have knowledge of Human and specially female body then you should know Ovulation happens in mid of cycle and that is time when there are high chance of pregnancy. Now it all depends on how many days over to your periods before intercourse. So analyze symptoms and then take decision.

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