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    Surname difference in father and brother's

    Having a surname difference in any of the family documents? worried about this being a problem in matters related to job, property division or nomination? Find advice from experts on these legal matters here.

    My father's surname does not tally in my educational documents with that in my brother's documents.
    What shall I do to avoid any issue in future: Especially for matters related to job, property division and nomination in voter card, aadhar card and ration card that is family document?
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  • This is a mistake and can create problems at the time of document verification or legal tangles.

    It is advisable to get them corrected from the education board office from where you have completed your education. You can apply for these corrections either online in their site or request by giving manual application alongwith payment of the requisite fee.

    Please find out your own documents where the surname is correctly mentioned. In addition get the documents in respect of your father where his surname is reflecting. Copies of these documents will be required to be given to them for reference and carrying out the correction in faulty certificates and marksheet.

    For every faulty document you will have to give application separately.

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  • I don't expect any problem if your father's name is same in all your documents. If it is different from one certificate to other certificates in your case, that will create a problem. For your job your certificates only will be verified. But not in your brother's certificates. My father's name on my certificate and my sister's certificate is different. We had no problem anywhere. But your father's identity cards are having which name. If it not tallying with your certificates you better go for changing the same. You have to contact the in charge of the institution you have studied for correction with a copy of your father's identity card or your birth certificate in which your father name will be mentioned. Please give your application in writing with the fees required and the copies required. They will forward it to the concerned board and get it corrected.

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  • 1. For existing documents where Father, son and other family members name are present like Ration Card,PAN Card will not cause any problem to you.
    2. Documents where only your name is present can not be used legal document for any authority purpose like legal transfer of property.
    3. Even if both names are different, as long as you have proof that both names have parent-child relationship you are good. Many states people don't use their surname and only uses first names still they have effective documentation working.
    4. If there is any issue , all you need to do is change of name through collector office or if it is minor typo then affiliate through court that both surnames are same and it is typo.

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  • Surname of father not matching in educational documents would not be a major problem if it is just initials in one and the expansion of the initials in other. Some people use the family name intermittently as surname.

    The ration card will not be an issue, once you get your own family and make a new ration card, you can change it. Since you are asking about property division, job etc, it would wiser to correct the error in the major certificates of education (12th, graduation, post-graduation) and proof of Identity documents (Aadhaar,PAN etc). What is the status of your passport.

    First find out a document that has your father's proper name and surname printed or mentioned. If not he needs to make an affidavit stating his full name (first name and surname) via the Notary, then publish it in two newspapers ( one english, one vernacular). This would give you a legally valid document that would help you to correct your other documents.

    For 10th,12th,graduate certificate.

    You need to forward a letter stating the service you want, with the supporting documents for correcting your father's surname. This will need to be forwarded to the respective boards (10th and 12th) and the univeristy( for graduation degree). You would need to pay a small fee for this service.

    Aadhaar card

    You need to fill in the form and enclose the documents for the change(

    The details can be found in this link (

    PAN card

    a similar form is needed for the corrrection service (
    How to go about and other details are in (

    Voter card correction

    You need to fill in this form ( The last three changes can be done online, or from citizen support centers close to your locality.

  • As per your details, it is apparent that your father's name is not correctly mentioned in your educational certificates/ marksheet. I assume that in your other documents like Ration card, Aadhar card, PAN card etc there is no such problem.

    Now in order to avoid inconvenience and embarrassment at the time of document verification, it is advisable to get this corrected from the education board or office from where these documents were issued.

    For this correction, there is a laid down procedure and you have to apply for this either online or by sending an application to that office for rectification of the mistake and issuing of corrected certificate/ marksheet. You may have to deposit some fee also for that.

    Alternatively you can go for a legal affidavit also for which you have to take help of a lawyer and these mismatches of name are to be mentioned in the affidavit and also taking the oath that the details mentioned are true in respect of the person named in the said educational documents. This affidavit will need to be signed on a stamp paper and verified and countersigned by a first class magistrate.

    Whenever and wherever you have a problem of mismatch of name of your father in the said documents a copy of this affidavit will turn out to be helpful in explaining the error.

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  • 1. First check which documents of your father carry his correct name. Make photocopies of this/these document(s).
    2. Then check which educational documents of yours don't indicate your father's name correctly.
    3. Then apply to those concerned Boards/Universities to rectify those documents, with photocopies of supporting documents which indicate your father's name correctly.
    4. Your brother should also adopt the same procedure.
    5. If the Board/University does not rectify the mistake, then sign an affidavit before a First-Class Magistrate of your city/town indicating your father's correct name.
    6. Also, publish classified advertisements in two newspapers indicating your father's correct name.
    7. Preserve the original Affidavit and advertisement permanently.
    8. Tell your brother to follow the same procedure.

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