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    Which is best supplement for weight gain?

    Have a strong desire to increase weight? Want to know the best mass gainer supplements which will not have any side effects? On this Ask Expert page you can get answers for all your questions.

    Recently I joined the gym, and I want to gain my body weight 3_4 kg more. Please suggest any good mass gainer Supplement without any side effects.
    My weight is 67 kg now with 5'11 height. I'm doing workout from last 4_5 months and I gain 4 kg but now my body weight is not increasing.
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  • First of all, you need to ascertain your Liver - function test, thyroid - profile, kidney - function test and complete - blood count are required to be assesssed by means of your blood - work, any abnormality found is to be rectified by having a consultation with a recognised doctor.
    If there does not exist any such defect, you may undertake the following remedial measures-
    1) Include one average - sized ripe Banana to be taken along with milk in the morning breakfast along with other items.
    2) Fruit - juices like Apple, Mousambi, Mango juices are to be taken twice in a day since the juices laden with sugar will increase the fat mass of the body.
    3) Ensure that you are taking proper rest in the night preferably for eight hours so that your hormones such as growth hormone, Endocrine hormone etc work at the peak - values.
    4) Include dry nuts such as Almond, Walnuts, Raisins etc in moderate amount in the morning prior to breakfast and these being high - energetic values will surge your body mass - weight.
    5) Engage your self in brisk - walking for at least forty - five minutes in a day or do stretching exercises regularly so that your body - metabolism functions at the peak - values.
    By religiously following these tips, you would notice a gain in your weight within a couple of weeks.

  • To gain weight you have to take rich food but not food which gives you fat. Some people even though they eat more quantity also they never gain weight. It may be due to some inherent problem in our body. So You have to consult and take his advise on this. Once he gives a clearance that all functions are normal, you can start eating foods which are rich in proteins and weight gainers but fat will not get accumulate. You can take the following items. Not all at a time, based on the availability you have to consume these items alternatively.
    Red meat
    Coconut and olive oil
    Whole-fat yoghurt, milk, and cheese
    Whole-grain pasta and bread
    Almonds and peanuts and their butter
    White and sweet potatoes
    Definitely, you will gain weight.

    always confident

  • A healthy and normal body having adequate metabolism should gain weight on consumption of high fat, high carbohydrate, high calorie diet as the same is ideal for synthesising fat in the body leading to weight gain. However it should also be remembered that in such a regime a person must undertake some exercises also to contain that weight in form of body muscles and strength otherwise it may lead to a plump physique.

    There are number of supplements available in the market for quick weight gain. People who have weak digestion or have digestion related problems can go for these supplements as they are more easily absorbable in the body then the normal eatable foods. The supplements available in the market are based on the combination of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals. To substitute a meal by these supplements one has to take a quantity of these supplements corresponding to at least 50 gm of protein and 250 gm of carbohydrates. This can be found from the printed directions on the supplement container.

    Those who can digest the foods in normal way can go for the natural weight gainers like rice, banana, oily food, potato, cream milk, eggs (specially yellow part), cheese, sugar, sweet potato etc. Those who can take non-veg foods, for them meat, chicken, eggs, crabs etc will suffice for the purpose.

    Those who are on a quick weight gain mission should take care of their digestive system and if required should consult a doctor for any supplement to be taken in form of enzymes and digestive juices.

    In general, barring a few exceptions, gaining weight is always easier than losing weight.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are many readymade products available in the market which provide protein, carbohydrate and nutrients for increasing the weight.

    However, one can do same thing with a selection of certain eatables in the regular foods. As a rule of thumb oils, fats, poultry, refind flour, sweet items, potato and other root bulbs, rice, banana etc are the items which help in weight gain.

    If there is a difficulty in taking good amounts of food at one time then one can divide the rich diet in parts having more meals in a day.

    I also suggest that an advice of dietician may also be sought in the matter who can prescribe the diet for weight gain in a scientific way.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Before going for taking weight gain supplements, please ascertain whether your body weight is deficient in relation to your height and age. You have already gained 4 ks in 4 months without taking any supplement. If your trainer is an experienced and qualified person, he himself can tell you and guide you as per the exercise you are now taking up and the future plan.
    While it may appear tempting to gain weight by taking supplements, that may lead to problems later in case you reduce the work outs or discontinue the gym workouts for some reason. At that stage reducing weight will pose a problem.
    A slight re-arrangement and reworking of your present food intake may be sufficient for increasing another 3 to 4 kgs. Approximately an increase of 7000KCal a week adds to about a kilogram of weight(with the same workout continuing) . Accordingly you can increase quantum of food that have more calories and plan your weight increase. But do not reduce the protein content .
    However I reiterate that you ensure your healthy body weight before going to do some crash programme.It is always better to have a gradual and regular incremental weight gain.

  • You are on right track to gain weight. All you need to do is to increase intake of whatever diet you have.
    Few tips are
    1. Increase meat in meal if possible otherwise you will have to find vegan substitute for it.
    2. Have enough sleep and water intake that will control your body heat.
    3. Have gym instructor advised products as supplement. I would recommend to have natural intake than powder based.
    At this moment if you stop gym your weight will automatically increase based on your intake but it will have another impact on your muscles and structure so whatever you are achieving do it steady.

    Life Is Beautiful

  • Both weight loss and weight gain are little challenging. Dry fruits are high calorie foods. Eat more dry fruits which are packed with necessary vitamins, minerals. Pair dry fruits with high fat milk for a month to increase your muscles and body weight.

    Add ghee and butter regularly in your diet. In fresh fruits take banana and mango, it contains an adequate amount of carbohydrate, proteins. Add peanut butter in your daily breakfast recipes. Peanut butter is an excellent source of fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Adding two to three spoons of peanut butter in our daily diet helps in gaining weight very fast.


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