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    Regarding Birla Cotsyn share situation

    Do you have shares invested in the company Birla Cotsyn and worried of the current situation? Our experts would guide you about the current scenario and how to handle your mental pressure.

    I have bought 50,000 shares @0.04 in Birla Cotsyn long back. But now there is no any moment in share price., the market price has been maintaining @0.08 since a year.

    What is the situation of the company now? Kindly advise.
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  • Birla Cotsyn is a company in the field of textiles. The share of this company is quoting at a very low price in the share market. Presently as per the data available in the market related sites, this company is running in loss and that is the reason why the share price of this company is quoting so low in the market. The face value of the share is Rs 1 and it is quoting at Rs 0.08, which is very very low.

    If the company comes back to profit making juncture then only the share price will start to increase. So one has to simply hold this share for some time till the financials of the company improve and then only one can sell the share in the market.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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