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    Advice about choosing right course

    Wants to know about the relevant field in PG Diploma after pursuing M Tech for better career prospect. Check this page to know more from our ISC Experts about the better options further.

    I am currently pursuing M.Tech in Renewable Energy and done my B Tech in Civil Engineering. I want to do an additional PG Diploma by which I can learn more and also it should help in getting a job. Can you tell me which are the relevant fields?
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  • Renewable energy is a hot subject today and our Govt is also has thrust in these areas to meet the ever increasing demand of energy.

    The main areas of renewable energy are solar, tidal, wind and geothermal energy.

    Presently, a lot of projects are already going in solar and wind areas.

    You can do some advanced diploma course in solar or wind as there are good job prospects in these areas. Tidal and geothermal areas are yet to emerge as other promising areas.

    Govt is giving a lot of subsidies for these projects and many businessmen are coming forward in these fields. There is scope of self employment also in this line and one can consider to start consulting or sales and service also in this futuristic area.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Renewable energy is the area where we have to utilise the available energy in such way so as to maximise the the out put with the optimum efficiency.
    Since with the passage of the time, there would be depletion of energy and hence awareness on this subject dealing with different aspects of renewable energy is very crucial.
    At present, the consumption of coke to be utilised in the Blast - furnace for the production of Hot - metal is around 510 kg per ton of hot metal. We need to reduce the coke - rate further in order to arrest its prohibitive cost since the same is imported from Australia at present.
    A post - graduate diploma in Renewable energy will equip you with the latest practices employed in this area. Yo would be substantially benifited with the intensive studies of Fuel Technology.

  • You're an engineer by degree and by profession. If you have completed your B.Tech from good UGC recognized universities, chances are that it's easy to do addition PG courses. Meaning that if you are graduates in Data Science then you'll have ample of opportunities jobs and PhD. Go for data science because they have high scope in future.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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