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    How to check Andhra University distance education tuition fees?

    Unsure whether or not you have paid the tuition fees for your Andhra University distance education PG course? Know from experts how to confirm this & also find out about the requirement of a Gazetted Officer's signature for exam applications.

    I am doing 2nd yr PG course from Andhra University distance education and am going to write exams next month. However, I do not remember whether I paid the tuition fees or not. I even got books and assignments from the university. How can I check the details? If I didn't pay the tuition fees, will they allow me to write exams?

    I also want to know about the Gazetted signature on the exam application. I don't know any Gazetted Officers. Is that necessary?
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  • Generally, they stop sending you the course material if you have not paid the tuition fee. As you are already receiving the material you might have been paid the fee.what is the mode you have used to pay the fee. Is there any reference number or a copy of the challan. If it is where you can be sure that you have paid the fee. You should always maintain a record of the transactions and you should have a file with you in which you keep all the papers so that you will have an update information.
    If you are near to Visakhapatnam I advise you to visit the Distance education department and contact the concerned person to get the information.
    Ig you are in a far-off place send an email to the address given below. In that, you should give all the details regarding your identity and the course details which you are studying. They will send you a reply accordingly.
    School of Distance Education
    Andhra University,
    Visakhapatnam - 530 003
    Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
    Phones: 0891 - 2844142, 2550223, 2575745
    FAX : 0891 - 2575752

    I like to inform you that even though you have not paid the fee they will not stop you from attending the examinations. But they will not declare your final result and they keep it in pending results. Then you have to know the reason and act accordingly.

    Gazzetted Signature is required. Any high school headmaster is also a gazetted officer. You can contact him and get his signature. Any government doctor is also a gazetted officer. You can contact the nearby hospital. Government college Lecturers are also Gazetted officers. You can try in any college in your area.

    always confident

  • You are not sure whether you have paid your fees for the SDE(school of distance education) Andhra Univeristy.

    If you check your bank statements around the time of enrollment or if you visit your regular bank from where you would have drawn a DD for enrollment, you can find some answers. If you have got the course material and assigment then you are in the system and you have received a fee due notice by this time.

    The university has a seperate site for distance education ( In this you click on the student portal and register. From there onwards, you can send a message or open your profile to find the details.

    You would have a course enrollment number or acceptance letter soft/hard copy. Please check that and then you can contact the unveristy office and clarify whether you owe any dues for the current course.

    You can contact them by email or speedpost

    Andhra University,
    Visakhapatnam - 530 003
    Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
    Phones: 0891 - 2844142, 2550223, 2575745
    FAX : 0891 - 2575752
    the contact numbers relavaent to you are
    7702257813 - PG Admissions & Examinations),
    7702257814 - Professional Courses Admissions & Examinations).

    If you have a study center affilated to Andhra university distance education, then you can visit the center and seek help. These are some of the affilated colleges.
    SKBR College, Amalapuram
    AKRG Degree & PG College, Nallajerla
    Nova Degree College, Hyderabad
    RG Kedia College of Commerce, Hyderabad
    YN College, Narsapur
    Government Degree College, Tuni
    MR College (Men), Vizianagaram
    Sri Sarvodaya College, Nellore
    DNR College, Bhimavaram
    Sri CRR College, Eluru
    VRS & YRN College, Chirala
    AC College, Guntur
    AMAL College, Anakapalle, Visakhapatnam
    Government Degree College, Narsipatnam
    BVK College, Visakhapatnam
    Government College, Narasannapeta
    PR Government College, Kakinada
    TSR & TBK Degree College, Visakhapatnam
    Prabhas Degree College, Vijayawada
    RSRKRR College, Bobbili
    Smt. BSR Degree College, Rampachodavaram
    Sathavahana College, Vijayawada
    Silber Jubilee Government College, Kurnool
    SVK & Dr. KS Raju Arts & Science College, Penugonda
    Sri Venkateswara College, New Delhi
    VSR & NVR College, Tenali
    Government College, Rajahmundry
    Mrs. AVN College, Visakhapatnam
    Government College for Men, Srikakulam
    Noble College, Machilipatnam
    Government College, Paderu
    JKC College, Guntur
    SS & N College, Narasaraopet
    SGS College, Jagayyapeta
    CSR Sarma College, Ongole

    With regards to gazetted officers you can approach any of the following
    Block Development Officers,Tahsildars,Government Schools Headmasters
    assistant engineers in Public works department,Income Tax Officer, any IAS/IPS officers, government medical officers

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