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    Switching over from Distant mode of education to regular studies in a college

    Can someone opt for switching over from a Distant mode of education to regular studies in a college? Check this page to know from our experts whether such option could happen, if so under what circumstances admission can be approved?

    Can I get admission in regular college after completing semester-1 in a college providing a distant mode of education? Actually, I had failed in my Intermediate 2nd-year Maths(2A) paper, due to this am not able to take admission in regular Degree college. So, I had decided to choose distance education for the semester-1 so that my one year will not be wasted and after the semester-1 I will join in regular degree college. But, I don't think that it is not possible to get admission in regular Degree college after completing Sem-1 ina college providing a distant mode of education?
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  • For getting admission into regular college you should pass the qualifying examination. Otherwise, you can't join. In distance education, it is even without previous education qualification, you can attend the entrance test and once you clear the entrance test you can join in the distance mode of education. A regular student can shift over to distance mode but a distance mode student to regular is not acceptable.

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  • You intend to switch over from Distance mode to regular mode.
    You would not be able to transfer the credit and moreover, you need to have completed your 10+2 before entering into a degree course by regular mode. Age relaxation or exemption is given for distance mode and private candidates who are returning back to education after a few years break.

    UGC has introduced a credit transfer system wherein a candidate provided he/she satisfies all the requirements of the study including gazzetted officer verified attendance and study certificates, then the credit(time and course year) can be transfered form Regular to Distance, Distance to Distance, Private to Distance mode only.Please read this credit transfer details.(

    IGNOU has a policy of credit transfer if a student of IGNOU is joining another university that is listed under IGNOU's MoU as a partner institution (

    You have two options now
    Option:1 to continue and finish the distance mode degree and move forward, I hope it would be a bachelor's degree. in the meantime you can get some employment and then once you complete you bachelor's then do a relevant master's degree to improve your chances of promotion and better pay.
    Option:2, Since you have completed only one semester and if you have passed your 10+2 and keen on a regular mode degree, then choose wisely and join for a bachelor's degree different from what you are doing and complete both with prior approval from the university. UGC and local universities allow the candidate to take ONE regular and ONE distance mode degree with prior approval.

    Some institutes offer a fast track or indirect credit transfer for students who have completed one year of degree study if they enroll as private candidates (, please contact them and verify the information from UGC before you shift or agree for payment to such universities.

  • No, you cannot take admission into regular mode. As you have completed the first semester please complete the full course in private mode. Even it is difficult to change the college of same university after one semester. So, donot try and do not waste your time to think this type of things. concentrate on your study to complete your course.

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  • As you have indicated your reason for your continuance for the distance mode. It was because of your failure of paper of Mathematics of your regular course. Under the existing circumstances, you need to complete the entire semesters of the distance mode so as to get your degree.
    Side by side, you will have to clear up your Mathematcs paper of your Intermediate examination either by appearing the same in the compartmental wise or prepare for all the papers and appear in the next session. Once you clear the Intermediate examination with the impressive marks, you can start your graduation in the regular mode. Choose the different papers in the regular mode other than the papers being persued currently.
    There is no restriction of choosing one regular course from a recognised university and perusal of a different course from the correspondance mode.

  • You can and you cannot.

    The reason is, credit transfer might be possible or available but only in distance education university. As an instance, if you wanted to opt in to regular colleges like private or government institution then you cannot. This policy only applies to transfer credit score from Open University to Open University.

    People opt in for distance education because they either have a full time job but wanted to pursue higher studies and completed their studies by giving time to both jobs and studies.

    If you're a job holder, then go for open university or if you want to pursue higher studies, continue your studies from where you dropped. That's the only way to switch.

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  • I am assuming that you took distant mode of education based on your 10th standard education. Since you are failed in intermediate , you can not opt for full time graduation. So for this situation like most member said you can not convert for regular graduation. I would be more good position to answer if you tell what distant education you have taken? At this moment either you should go for fresh regular graduation since you are intermediate.

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  • The basic qualification for joining a degree course is 10+2 but you do not posses it so you are not eligible and that is why you have chosen the other route of distance education mode.

    Now what I suggest is that you concentrate in your present mode and try to see which is your strength area in academics or technical side. Complete the distance mode courses in that particular subject and if you learn necessary skills, it will not be difficult for you to get a job.

    You can even think of starting your own work if you have learned it thoroughly in your course.

    For example a good module in GST even from a private place will equip you with GST skills and many organisations today are in need of people to carry out their daily tax credits and computations in the new single tax regime.

    So the point is that it is not the pure academics which is to be pursued blindly but you have to see the present business trends and their actual requirements. It does not matter whether you have a degree or not. What matters is your practicle knowledge and getting the things done attitude.

    All this told appears nice but one has to work hard for this and more than what a student does to qualify in all subjects in his class XII exam. So if you get my point, you missed the bus that time but now be serious and enter the competitive world through the other gate of skillfulness and alertness of business.

    When many others who failed miserably in formal education have done it why we can not do it. Ask this yourself and believe me you can do it.

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