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    Composite Transfer Grant in Old BP or Higher Post Basic Pay?

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    One officer is promoted from B Grade (BP: 93000 - Level 9) to A Grade (BP fixed 95500). Now this officer submitted Transfer TA Bills. I calculated in 95500 x 80% = 76400) under TA - FR 44 Rules SR17 - 2. But my Accountant objected that I should calculate in 93000 x 80% = 74400). But I believe that it is wrong. Kindly guide me. Thanks in advance.
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  • I find the question a legitimate one. I would advise the author to check the date of promotion. If the official is promoted first and then transferred, then he/she will get Transfer TA at the rate of 80% of his new basic pay after promotion, i.e., Rs. 95,500/-.

    On the other hand, if the officer is transferred first and then promoted in the new place of posting, then he/she will get Transfer TA at the rate of 80% of the basic pay before promotion, i.e., Rs. 93,000/-.

    Transfer TA is given at the rate of 80% of the basic pay of the official on the date of actual transfer.

    I hope this clarification would clear the concept.

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  • Is the officer taken charge of the higher position before getting transferred from the existing place? In such case, the officer will get relieved from the existing place as A Grade officer. In such case, he should get the TA as per the A grade scale. But if the officer got relieved from the existing place as B grade officer and he has to join in the new place as a grade officer, he will get the TA as per the Basic of B grade officer. Based on this you can decide whether what you have done is correct or the other person is correct.

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  • From your question, it is not clear whether your friend has claimed the TA bill for his transfer quite some time back or after getting promotion. This is very crucial to know because if he is filling the bill pertaining to a journey undertaken say 10 months back and he has recently got his promotion, he can not claim the benefits in past time corresponding to present post.

    In these matters the date is very important and even a difference of one day can be the deciding thing.

    So he should claim as per his post at the time of transfer.

    After the promotion date if he is again transferred then naturally he will be entitled to benefits as per the present BP.

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  • Thank you for kind answer. The Officer relieved from his old office (Gaz- B rank) and joined here as Gr.A officer (higher post). Transfer TA will be given at the rate of 80% of the last basic pay (93000 x 80%=74400 ). Thanks all of you.

  • While computing the amount of TA in a case as indicated above, the date of promotion has to be looked into. If transfer order has been effected prior to promotion, his TA would be calculated at the rate of 80 percent of the existing basic - pay but on the other hand, if transfer has been effected after the enjoying of promotion, he would be entitled to 80 percent of the basic fixed as a result of the promotion.
    Since in this case, the transfer - order was issued prior to promotion, his amount will be Re 93000 multiplied by 80 % = Re 74400.

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