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    How to protect hair and remove Dandruff?

    Trying to get rid of Dandruff and protect your hair safely? Have a look at this ISC page to know about the tips that would keep your problem away.

    Please share some tips or Shampoo for removing Dandruff.
    I suffer from dandruff from last 3 to 4 Month, I try some medical anti-dandruff shampoo but result not found. provide some tips, shampoo of ayurvedic product.

    Online show many products of anti-dandruff but I am confused which product is best & there is no any side effect.
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  • Dandruff is a result of seborrheic dermatitis which is isolated to the scalp. Dandruff results from a chronic rash that is superficial.
    The following methods you can try.
    1. Dry shampoo can clean and moisturize your scalp. Dry Shampoo is available in spray and/or powder form. To apply, spray this dry shampoo on the hair a few times or sprinkle a little on top of the scalp. Then comb in the spray or powder. It is necessary to rinse the comb after every spray.
    2. Take some mineral oil and heat it to a little higher temperature but don't boil it. Apply this to your hair and do some massage.
    3. Keep the hair with this oil for 4 or 5 hours. DOn't forget to cover the hair with a shower cap.
    4. After that wash your hair with shampoo. If the oil is not going try to keep shampoo for a little more time and see that oil will completely get removed.
    5. The most often prescribed is a foam/shampoo and to be used twice a week for initial dandruff relief. After that, it is to be used once a week or every other week. A shampoo with 1% ciclopirox can be used twice a week.
    These may help in removing dandruff fast.

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  • You can try the following products:
    1. Massage your hairs with curd and leave it for one hour after that wash your hairs with water.
    2. You can try lemon juice and massage your hairs and wash it after one hour with normal water.
    3. Zohra's products best you can try it by purchasing online.
    4. Mix honey and lemon juice and massage gently, leave for two hours and wash the hairs with normal water.

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  • Dandruff is basically a skin infection and spreads abnormally if not treated with certain therapeutic shampoos or soaps.

    There are many shampoos available in market for control and containment of dandruff. However certain home remedies are very useful and effective. One such home remedy is to wash the hairs with gram dal flour and curd. It is said that the abrasive action of gram dal flour cleans the scalp and curd works as a lubricator or cleanser. After washing the hairs thoroughly, a light anti dandruff shampoo in little quanitity can be used to clean the gram dal flour and curd residue.

    This home remedy is to be used twice a week for at least a month to see the desired results.

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  • Dandruff is caused due to many reasons right from dry skin to fungus infection. There are standard chemicals mixed in shampoos for treating this condition. For example selenium sulphide is one such frequently used chemical.

    Generally these shampoos will help in getting rid of the dandruff. However it is seen that the dandruff time and again comes back and creates inconvenience. Many people avoid the chemical based shampoos and instead use some home remedies which are useful in reducing the effect of dandruff significantly.

    Washing hairs with tree tea oil or baking soda or apple cider vinegar or coconut oil or lemon or common salt or aloe vera can give relief from the dandruff. Only thing is these are to be regularly used for washing the hairs. The final wash can be given with a very mild shampoo preferably honey based.

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  • Dandruff results from ignorance of cleaning of hairs or not maintaining the cleaning - schedule of the hairs. There are a few home remedies which offer excellent results and these tips may be tried-
    1) Make a paste of Besan and Curd taking these two in equal proportions and this paste is to be applied on the wet hairs and allow it to remain for at least twenty minutes prior to rinse. Crysophenic - acid present in the Besan would kill the Bacterias responsible for formation of Dandruff. Repeat this concoction twice in a week for better result.
    2) Take a table - spoon of Apple - cider Vinegar in cup and mix it with 100 ml of water and stir the same thoroughly and then apply this vinegar added water on the hairs keeping the same for twenty minutes. You may use this twice in a week.
    3) Lemon - juice can also be used for cleaning of your hairs affected with dandruff. In a cup containing 100 ml of water pour lemon juice of a half cut lemon and this is to be applied on the hairs for at least half an hour prior to final rinsing.
    4) Coconut Hair Oil mixed with a piece of Camphor by allowing the Camphor to dissolve completely is to be applied on the hairs in the night and rinse your hair by means of Shampoo the next day. This will offer you the desired result on its application twice weekly.

  • The advertisements and online articles about easy life hacks to remove dandruff is just a big pile of crap. Trying any shampoo for the first time will be vague to get the best result. However, one may go for Herbal products by IMC India. They offer dandruff free shampoo in 30 days of regular use.

    I personally tried and worked out for me. I would suggest you to go and get Shri Tulsi and mix it with water and wash your hair for a week. You'll get the result in few days.

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  • The simple method to remove dandruff is take one spoon coconut oil mix one lemon juice init. Apply on your sculp gently and rub with the tips of fingers.Leave few hours then take bath. Try two -three times, dandruff will go off. Another method,use good quality anti-dandruff shampoo such as head and shoulder.

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  • According to me, using a good,pure coconut oil is enough rather than anything. Avoid using soap, shampoo etc., Pure coconut oil is available in all places invariably and it should not get mixed with anything. This can be realized by seeing interior places of Kerala State. If you start applying a good pure coconut oil by stopping your present not efforts, your dandruff will get disappeared and have a good nuritious hair soon.

  • My solution to prevent hair loss :
    1. Balayam really worked for many people. It is a natural yoga technique for hair regrowth. In ancient & ayurvedic books, It is mentioned that balayam helps to grow hair. Frequent rubbing continously stimulate the scalp thus recover hair follicles and enhancing hair growth by controlling DHT(DihydroTestostrone) resulting thiker, stronger and denser hair. Balayam stops graying of hairs. It is also known as soothe head aches and heal neurological disorders of brain. It starts working after one month. Do it for at least 10 minutes. You can increase time if loss your hair alot. Do it everyday, You look better results after one month. You can also approach the ways other experts suggested. You can go through internet, there are many people get the result just by rubbing finger nails.

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