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    Surname difference in Voter id & other documents

    Having a difference in name in the documents? Looking out for information about which name should be mentioned in the marriage certificate? Check out this page and get answers to your question.

    Having Surname different in Voter id and other document like PAN card, Aadhar card, all mark sheets and job Service records. Both surname is valid, since the caste & sub caste mentioned. I recently married, and the marriage certificate is pending. Which surname should be mentioned in the marriage certificate: my voter id surname or other Document surname?

    I want to put voter id surname in marriage certificate, than any other issue in my career or personal documentation with banking, insurance, property etc.

    Note: Voter id surname is mentioned in my parents all document.
    Please guide.
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  • You cannot have two different surnames, you can have first name + surname/last name or first, middle and last name. Since you are discussing insurance, property etc. It would be very important to stick to one surname.

    A name change can be done for all the documents. For the sake of simplicity, I would say change the voter ID document because the rest of your marks sheets, job records, Aadhaar, caste, and PAN have the same surname.

    First discuss with your family, what you caste and sub-caste are and what benefits will be given for which surname. Then accordingly change the certificates.

    Once you decide on the final name + surname, meet the Notary in your town/city who will help you to get a legally valid name change document. Once you get this, then publish the change of name in two newspapers, one English and then one Vernacular language.

    Now you have legal proof of your new name. Then meet the local corporation officer/registrar of marriages.
    Generally, for marriage registration, you will need SSLC marks card or passport, residence proof, marriage photograph/invitation card etc.
    You will need to fill in a form and pay the pre-determined fees. The forms and procedure might vary slightly from state to state and from religion to religion.
    For Hindus, in Karnataka, the form is like this (

    Voter's ID name correction can be done online also. You need to visit the National voter's services portal and fill out the details for name correction in form 8

    If you still have any queries please mention the different surname names and the documents that carry them and what surname you intend to keep now.

  • It is always better to have same surname and name in all the documents. In your case, All your documents are having the same name except Voter ID. If you want to use the surname what is mentioned in your voter ID you have to change all the documents which are very difficult and time taking. So it is better to change the name in the Voter ID.
    But still, if you feel you what to retain the name as in voter card, you follow the following procedure.
    You have to approach a good lawyer in your area and ask him to get an affidavit made ready in which he has to mention the correct name. Once the affidavit is done, go for a public advertisement in the local newspapers (Minimum 2 papers).
    With this, you can get the marriage certificate. For marriage certificate, you require your date of birth proof and name proof for which your SSC certificate is valid. So you can get it done by carrying those documents.
    If you want to change the name in Voter ID you can do it online. is the website which you can refer for this purpose.

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  • You cannot go with two different surnames. As you have mentioned all other documents have the same surname and there is a difference in the surname of voter Id. I will suggest you go to correct the surname in voter ID. For the correction in the surname of voter ID you should have to contact he BLO of your ward and ask him for the same. He will provide you a form. Fill the form and attached the copy of adhaar card along it. You ahve to submit a challan of Rs. 25 to get new correct voter ID. After 4 weeks you will get the new correted voter through your BLO.

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  • There should be utmost consistency in name, surname, DOB, fathers name, mothers name etc across all the documents whether it is an identification card or voter card or any other card.

    Please refrain from having different data in different places. That will sometimes create big problem in document verification and will lead to utter confusion and cuious.

    So get your voter card in line with other documents and everything will be in place.

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  • Try to keep Marriage certificate name as it is on passport. Because it might cause you pain when you apply for any kind of VISA if at all you travel somewhere with wife.
    Also since you said voter id surname matches with your parents documents then it is right surname to keep. Now you are left with two options either to affidavit that parents document surname i.e. your voter id surname and other document surname is same. or get your voter id surname changed according to other documents.

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  • Error in Surnames or absence of surnames can be corrected. If you have first name, middle name, and surname but you want to change only the surname, it can be corrected by submitting a request to the concerned department with copy of all the legal documents as a proof to make changes.

    In case of Voters ID card, you can contact the department either by support email or phone and escalate your concerns to them. They will help you follow the correct procedures.

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  • My Suggestion to you is to maintain Same Surname in all the documents. I have faced similar issue of different names in different documents. But I later realized the importance of same name across all the documents, you can never know when wrong name in one document could delay some important work. So get the name corrected. As you told only Voter Id is different , Get it corrected as it helps as an Address Proof as well as Identity Proof. Get your Marriage Certificate with the same name as you have in all the documents, to avoid any future issues.

    To get the name in the Voter Id corrected, You need to Submit Form 8 which can be submitted both Online and Offline. You can get the Form 8 from Website of your State's Chief Electoral Officer. However you can also fill it online in National Voters Service Portal(

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