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    Change of date of birth in documents

    Worried about DOB error in school document? Searching for how to make a change and resolve the issue? find advice from experts for your queries on this page.

    I have a DOB mismatch in my school admission documents.
    This has resulted in increase of 2 years and now I am facing lot of problems.
    Is it possible to change my DOB in all my documents? I have original govt birth certificate.
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  • Change of date of birth with a difference of two years is a major issue. How did this happen? and why was it left for so long? What you do depends on what is your age, education and or if you hold a government job or entering a government job.

    Age cut off becomes important for school admissions, Voter's ID, Driving License, college/degree education, eligibility for government job applications and grant of reservation benefits if any.

    For instance, if your school admission age while taking X standard exams was 14 years while your real age was 12 years, then you would be ineligible for the class you are/were studying because 14 years is the minimum age to be eligible for taking up X/SSLC/CBSE exams. This logic would be applicable to all other documents that I have listed above.

    If you can give us your month and year of birth that is on your government birth certificate and your school documents and if possible mention what you are doing, then we can advise better.

    In case the example of 10 yrs declared vs 8 yrs in truth is what you are hinting, and you do not want to disclose more details, meet a good lawyer with all the relevant documents for further proper guidance. I say this because you should not get into further legal hassles. For example, if you have got your Voter Card based on your school certificate age as 18 yrs, while you true age was 16 yrs, then your vote would illegal. Similarly, if you are in a government job wherein the age of entry is 21 years and your actual age was 19 yrs, then again your appointment would be illegal.

  • What is your present age/ Are you in studies now or completed? What is your present status?
    Do you have a birth certificate taken at the time of your birth from a competent authority? If you have this it will be easy to get the date of birth changed in your school certificates. If you don't have that it is very difficult.
    In villages in olden days, a record known as birth and death registers are maintained. If that is available in your place of birth you have to get an extract of that duly certified and then you have to file a case against your father stating that he wrongly declared your Date of Birth. For this, you have to take the help of a qualified lawyer in your area who can guide you properly.

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  • Changing DOB requires some legal formalities. It is surprising that such a mistake has happened and now you are taking a cognizance of same at such a later period.

    Before applying to your education board office for correction in the DOB in your educational documents, you have to go to a lawyer and get an affidavit prepared on stamp paper elaborating about the inadvertent error happened while applying for admission in school. This affidavit is to be verified and countersigned by a first class magistrate.

    Once this is done, you have to apply your education board office for necessary corrections in your certificates and request them to issue the correct one. You will have to give copy of the affidavit, your birth certificate and copy of those documents where your DOB is correctly reflecting. This is a very important step as from these documents only the education board authorities will take the vital reference for correction.

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  • Yes, you may get your date of birth corrected on the basis of your original certificate.
    You need to approach a lawyer at the office of Notary Magistrate providing him the photo - copies of your original birth certificate and other related certificates such as your residential certificates, the photocopy of your your father's Voter - ID card. The lawyer would make an affidavit in a stamped paper of the requisite amount and produce the same before the Magistrate for his signature.
    Once the affidavit is signed, get the same advertised in a local paper apart from an English News daily for the wide circulation of your corrected date of birth.
    You have to retain the copy of affidavit with you for its subsequent production in course of verification of DOB from the different sources.

  • The school documents and Board documents can be changed if any only if you possess a valid birth certificate issued by the municipal authority/panchayat where you reside. And the municipal authority/panchayat would issue a different certificate indicating another death of birth only if they get the record from the hospital/primary health centre where you were born. Nowadays Government agencies have become very strict in this regard and they don't want to issue a different birth certificate with a different date if they don't have sufficient proof.

    So, if you want to reduce your age in the birth certificate, contact the hospital/primary health centre where you were born.

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  • This type of question are frequently ask by many members. I don't know why boards and universities does this silly mistakes. There is a rule of education boards that if candidate found any error in marksheets then candidate has to rectify it immediately before completing one year. As you said 2 year gone but still you did not rectify it. Now it is hard to get it corrected by board still you can contact school principal. Other way to change DOB, you have to meet with any familiar lawyer. He/she will help you further and what documents are required for making an affidavit. You have to make an affidavit. An affidavit is generally a legal document, which is written legal document about certain facts or events. The document sets forth a list of facts or details of situations that the person swears to be true.

  • As you stated that you have a birth certificate to support your case. If you have not passed 10th class,you can give an application in your school to correct the date of birth in your document. If you have already passed 10th class then an affidavit is to be made in this regard.School will forward your application along with all required attachments to board.Deposit the application after making challan of requisite fee.After some time you will get your corrected certificate.

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  • Date of birth is a prime evidence to any one till his/her lifetime. It is the parents duty when they furnish the date of birth first time in schools.
    Now in your case,your responsibility to correct your date of birth is highly priority. With your birth certificate with correct date of birth as obtained from corporation/municipality/panchayat office, approach your school authorities,in person,and get your certificates corrected. This is to be done on priority basis and any delay,it will make further delay as it is difficult to trace records.

  • Incorrect names, first name or surname including DOB, fathers name correction, mothers name correction can be a pain.

    What you have to do is simply approach your Tashil (Statistical Office) and ask the officers to make some changes. It also depends on the records file. If you have applied for DOB from another state then you would go to that state in order to update the records manually.

    However, if you're unable to update because you're out of touch from that Registrar office, consider applying a new DOB with changes. This way, your records will be updated in that state. Make sure you update the rectords with your school or university records.

    You can also provide your Adhaar, Pan card and other legal documents that matches your legal informations.

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