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    Review of Principles and Practices of Real Estate course from IIRE

    Want to know if the PPRE course at IIRE is worth pursuing in terms of a good career ahead? Check out the feedback about this course and its benefits from the answers below.

    Please tell me about the Principles and Practices of Real Estate (PPRE) course from IIRE and scope of this course, meaning the opportunities after completion of this course. Now I'm working in HDB financial services as a sales executive. So is this course a good option for me and how can I take advantage of this course for building my career?
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  • Principles and Practices of Real Estate course from IIRE is an online certificate course. The course will have the following section to study.
    1. The basic concepts in the business of real estate.
    2, The careers available in real estate and the professional organisations that support them.
    3. The categories of real property.
    4. The concept of supply and demand in real estate.
    5. The economic, political and social factors that influence supply and demand.
    6. The principles of economics that affect the real estate decision-making process and making of a management plan.
    The course will have 7 modules. The duration in days for each module which will be displayed on the screen with the module. The entire 7 modules are to be completed in 90 days mostly.
    Modules have a set of questions at the end of each module. After reading the chapter if you opt for the examination a set of multiple-choice questions will appear on the screen. The answering is to be completed in the given time.
    Once the nodule is cleared one can move to the next module. The same way you have to complete all the nodules. Then a Project work will be given and that should be completed in ten days.
    Once you submit the project report, the validation of the Project report will be done and your results will be declared and your certificate will be sent by post.
    This course will be useful for the person who wanted to have a career in Real Estate field and mainly in the marketing department. Once you complete this course there may be some changes in Real Estate marketing field.
    As you are in financial services now I fell it is better you acquire additional certificates in that line rather coming to a new field.

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  • There is a good progress in urbanisation of small cities as well as extension of existing cities either in the nearby lands or in the original land by demolishing old houses and converting them in multi-storey towers.

    The scope in this field is good and if you are interested to work as an executive in a big construction company or want to start your own society residential construction work then this course may be useful for you in carving out a career line in the real estate business.

    This particular certificate course from India Institute of Real Estate, Pune, Maharashtra is an online course covering the aspects of real estate ranging from basic principles to legal aspect and covering marketing, sales and financial issues.

    The fee for this course is Rs 14100.

    On completion of the course successfully, a certificate accredited by National Association of Realtors, USA will be awarded and can be downloaded online.

    Knowledge is power.

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