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    Does any University in India offer Bridge Courses?

    Want to get admissions to bridge courses at a university in India? Know from this Ask Expert page whether today any university in India offers such courses & which they are.

    During my student days, many Universities of India used to offer Bridge Courses. A B.Sc./B.A/B.Com Pass Graduate could take admission in these Bridge courses and could get Honours degree in a subject after successfully completing the Bridge Course of one year. One of my friends wants to know whether any Indian University offers Bridge Course in Mathematics nowadays.

    If yes, then kindly provide the details of such Universities which offer Bridge Course in Mathematics to B.Sc. Graduates with Mathematics as a subject in B.Sc. What are the eligibility conditions? Is this course being offered in correspondence mode?

    Kindly furnish point-wise reply.
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  • As far as my knowledge goes there is no such course these days. After completing the intermediate one can opt for B.Sc Mathematics or B.Sc(Hons) Mathematics. Both of them are undergraduate courses only and the qualification required is Intermediate or +2. After completing this course one has to go for post graduation course which is of 2 years duration. Long back there was a honours course which is one year more than ordinary graduation course and they can go for their PhD directly. But these days that provision is not there as far as I know.

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  • I have not come across any such courses in the past while surfing the net in connection with digging out information on educational matters.

    Some states in our country have educational programs for school drop outs to bring them to main stream and these programs are also known as bridge education programs.

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  • The course structure of both B.Sc ( Pass) and B.Sc( Honours) is of three year duration. The difference between the two is in the later programme , there is the provision of enlarged studies of a particular subject and hence the specialised subject for which honours is sought will consist of six papers in lieu of three papers in each subject opted by a student.
    So in case of Mathematics honours, duration of the course is all the same other than the extended nature of the course.
    At present, in our country, there is no such provision of the Bridge course allowing you to cover course in a short time.

  • Bridging courses are short intensive courses designed for high school student entering tertiary study. It is for thise student who are not confident with their preparation for university study or they may not meet the assumed knowledge requirements. In India, there is no such courses offered by any university. In abroad, some universities such as Griffth University offering such type of courses. Soon bridging courses start offering by Indian universities.

  • In response to the title of the thread, bridge courses are debatable and not everyone is happy about bridge courses in India.

    1. There is a plan put forth for a three-year bridge course for BDS degree holders to become MBBS doctors and practice as regular doctors.(

    2. Last December, there was a bridge course for bams/ayurvedic degree holders to be considered equivalent to MBBS doctors but this also was controversial. (

    3. Some states have a Bridge program (6 months) called as a certificate in community health wherein ayruvedic/unnani doctors would complete and be given a job title of Community health officers in sub-centres (

    3. Some engineering colleges offer a 100-hour bridge course for students of various levels of 12th to facilitate them to be competent and understand better the subjects of bachelor's engineering.(

    4. The NIELIT (National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Kolkata) offers a bridge course in mathematics for graduates and 10+2 arts who are trying to enter into a computer-oriented course. ( section A course number 3

  • Presently, there is no bridge education facility in our country for any such conversion from normal graduation to honours.

    Whatever programs in schools, colleges and vocational institutes are being done in the name of bridge program are some sort of refreshing or tutorial type of classes and are not relevant to the query here.

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