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    Spacing problem in name for UPSC document verification

    Worried about a spacing issue in the name which appears on the degree certificate? Know from experts if this will create a problem during the document verification process for UPSC.

    I have a little spacing mistake in my degree certificate as compared to the SSLC marks card. I have RAVIKUMAR M in the SSLC marks card and RAVI KUMAR M in the degree certificate. There is an extra space between the first and second name in the Degree certificate. Will this cause any problem during document verification for UPSC? If so, is there any way to rectify it?
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  • Hope it may not be a major problem. There will not be much objection. If there is any objection they may give you some time to get it corrected. So you need not worry about the document verification.
    However, it is always better to get the mistake corrected in your degree certificate. It is not very difficult as already you have a base certificate which is correctly showing your name.
    You please contact the college where you have done your graduation and give it in writing mentioning clearly the space mistake in the name. You attach a copy of your SSC certificate duly attested and attach your original degree certificate and submit to your college. They will forward it to the concerned section of the University for correction. Generally, University officers will take necessary action and send the corrected certificate back to your college. Otherwise, you may have to go to the university and follow up in the concerned section to get the name corrected.

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  • It may appear as a small mistake to us but the authorities who will be verifying the documents will take it as a normal mistake and would not agree and reject the document.

    In documents sometimes such mistakes happen but we should get it corrected as soon as possible.

    You have to contact your university office for its rectification and apply for same and deposit the requisite fee. Some places it is being done online also. Check whether your institute has this facility.

    You will also have to furnish a copy of your document where your name is reflecting correctly. This is very essential because the university office will use that as a reference for doing the correction. See the instructions in online information of university portal and submit the supporting documents accordingly.

    It will take some time in getting this correction and they will issue you a corrected certificate.

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  • It seems to be a problem of minor nature but one should take precaution in avoiding any embarrassing situation while document verification at any stage of our career planning.

    It will require the necessary correction in the certificate from the institution it is awarded. For that you have to find out the exact process and modality so that you can follow it with them.

    Alternatively, you can go for a legal affidavit and get it prepared by a lawyer elaborating these facts under an oath and get this affidavit countersigned by a first class magistrate. You can submit a copy of this affidavit wherever you are asked to clarify the mistake in your name in the said certificate.

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  • Although it is just a space, it can pose issues a a later date.

    Ravikumar M would mean first name Ravikumar and second name or initials M. Ravi Kumar M would mean first name Ravi, middle name Kumar and last name M.For instance, in computer entries, Job allotment, passport or visa applications, there should not be an error or different names.

    I presume your name is RAVIKUMAR with last name starting with M. If this is correct then apply for a correction in the degree certificate.

    You would need proof of your name spelt or printed correctly in SSLC, PAN or Aadhaar card. With attested copies of this, please draft a letter to the registrar of the university under which your degree college comes under. There would be a pre-formatted form for correction services and a small fee for the same.

    Please fill the form, enclose the revelant proof of how your name should be and then send it to the univeristy by speed/registered post and keep the acknowledgements safely.

    Some universities offer this service online.You can check if this is available for your university.

    If the authorities insist on a formal/legal affidavit stating your proper name, then you can approach a Notary in your area, he/she will help you to get a name correction affidavit. This would be a valid proof of your correct name.

  • If you have completed your Graduation during the previous five years, you can apply to the University for the correction as per your Xth certificate. I think the University will rectify the mistake and issue you a fresh certificate. If the University doesn't rectify the minor mistake, you have to sign an affidavit before the First Class Magistrate that both XYZ and Xyz are the same. You have to publish a classified advertisement in one English and in one vernacular newspaper on similar lines.

    In the meantime, you please fill up your name in the UPSC form as mentioned in your Xth certificate.

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  • Though spacing between your name is a very minor issue and should not pose any problem in relation to your document verification. In your case, RAVIKUMAR M and with a space RAVI KUMAR M will change your identity of your real name and hence, it would be better to write to the university - officials for the immediate correction. Your application must contain the forwarding note of your Principal of the college requesting him to send a fresh fresh cirtificate with the matching name as indicated in your SSLC mark card.
    Hope, they would aceed to your request and you may get a corrected certificate shortly.
    The alternative method would be to meet the Notary Magistrate of your area along with a lawyer providing him with all the copies of PAN - card, Voter ID card, Bank - accounts etc so as to facilitate the affidavit process. Once the order is released, you need to publish the same in a Local News Paper along with a leading English News Paper. Keep the printed advertisement with you for its subsequent production during the process of verification if such a situation arises.

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