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    How to get Form 16A from a bank?

    Unable to get Form 16A from your bank branch? Quickly learn from experts the process to get Form 16A online or offline from your bank.

    I am trying to get Form 16A from ICICI bank but there is no option online to get it. Also, at their customer service request page, there is no link to raise such a kind of request. Has anyone ever got Form 16A from a bank? Please advise me the process to get it. It would be great if you have experience with ICICI for getting Form 16A.
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  • You will have to meet the ICICI bank - officials in connection with 16 A form.
    Normally, it is issued by an employer after the deduction of TDS, and the 16 A certificate is to be attached to Income - tax filling form providing IT officials as a proof of your income.
    In case, a deduction of TDS has been made against your fixed deposits, Bank - authorities are bound to issue you 16 A form With the correct entry of TDS deducted by the them.
    This certificate is to enclosed along with the IT filling form so as to be reviewed by the IT officials.

  • It should be available online. Definitely, there will be a provision to download From 16A from their website. Please go through again. My son has downloaded from the website. You take the help of the bank person and try to download. You go to the following page. You will find a table in which the second item is Form 16A. Bank will issue Form 16 to their employees for the salary income. For other incomes, it is Form 16A. There will be a link. You click on that link and you can download the certificate.
    Otherwise, you have to personally go to the bank and ask them in writing to issue your Form 16. Then they will guide you and arrange for you the required Many of the banks' issue form16A quarterly.

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  • Nowadays banks are not issuing offline Form 16 A. As banks have to remit TDS and upload the TDS details all in electronic form, they are supposed to issue only the Form 16 A downloaded from the TIN-TDS site. If you have already registered in the income tax site foe filing, you can verify the form 26 AS. Then you will be directed to view the Form 16 A and will be asked to agree to accept that download form 16A from TRACES.

    The bank will be able to give full form 16 A for the full FY only after they remit the TDS. Usually i will be ready by the end of first quarter of next FY. But as they remit TDS quarterly the quarterly detail are available after the quarter ending by ext month or so.
    Anyway you may approach your bank. They can help you in this more and satisfy your requirements.

  • TDS certificates and the amounts would vary between Form 16A and form 26AS. The website has a download link for both Form 16A and 26AS, have you tried this?

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  • If you are trying to get a TDS for an FD, then you can follow these instructions.

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  • If you are still not able to then you can try the stepwise instructions from ICIC for form 16A offline and online login mode

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  • @Natarajan - Thanks screenshot did help.
    Alternatively , I was filing the return on and they have pulled by 16A using PAN details. So It is good way too get and match your actual TDS deducted by Bank.

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  • @Avi, glad that we at ISC could be of help. Thanks for your message.

  • I was working with ICIC bank so I know that Form 16A is available on ICICI bank website and still if you cannot find it then go to the search bar on the top of the website and type Form 16A. It will appear by itself.

    Other than this you can visit any of the nearest branches of ICICI, they will provide you with Form 16A in less than 20 minutes. You can also mail them on customer care email id. They will send you the form on your registered mail id.

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