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    Suggestion for a good new name for my house

    Want a nice name for your new house which is related to your grandfather's name? Check out the suggestions provided in the responses below.

    I want to name my new house. Please suggest me a good name.
    My grandfather's name is Shri Rishipal Singh, so the house could be named after him.

    The name can be of 2 to 3 words, preferably based on my grandfather's name.
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  • You want a name for your house and it should include the name of your grandfather.
    The name comes to my mind immediately is Rishipal Nivas. You may name it the Rishipal residence. Alternatively, you can name it as Rishipal Bhavan. Another name can be Rishi Mansion or Rishi Nivas or Rishi Kuteer
    You can select any one you like from the above six names.

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  • My suggestions for the new house are:
    1. Rishipal Sadan
    2. Rishipal Manzil
    3. Rishipal villa
    4. Rishipal House
    5. Rishipal's Blessing
    6. Rishipal's Krupa
    7. Rishipal Mahal
    8. Rishipal Palace

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  • Giving a name to the house is an interesting exercise and it becomes more so if one wants to name it after ones parents.

    Though there are many combinations possible but one can confine to something which matches the prominent characteristics of that person in whose memory the house is to be named.

    For example if he was a kind and helping person then 'Rishipal Kripa' could be a good choice.

    Another example is 'Rishipal Kunj' which is suitable if he had interests in flowers and trees.

    There could be many more possibilities which a creative mind can find out.

    So association of the name with the virtues of the person is a good way to remember him for all the times to come.

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  • Naming a house is an one-time affair. Among us, we have a practice of consulting the astrologer regarding the name, especially of departed family members. If their thithi/time of demise is a disturbed time, then we would be gently discouraged to keep a different name. This is purely for those who believe in astrology and the traditional family practices.

    The other thing to bear in mind is about the desire for the youngsters and new generation to have a name that is neutral like having Nest/Cottage etc. Please also listen to what your other family members feel about the name

    The first part you can choose
    The second part you can choose

    You can consider Rishi Kuteeram/Kripa because Rishi would mean sage, Kuteeram- modest abode to live, Kripa - would be blessings

    If you want to be a little neutral, then you can choose, SRS cottage/Nest. RS villa - would be heard as 'Ours villa.'
    Some families choose first 2-3 letters for the family members and then keep the name

    It would come as PraSanVi Nilaya/yam. See if this works out for you, you can include Rishipal,Karthik etc and work out a name. Give it a try with the family members getting involved.

  • Instead of on any person name , try to keep name which related to our grandfather memory. Like any new startup they contributed or started. And give a line on entrance name plate that in memory of my grandfather.

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  • My suggestion for naming your house and I hope you like those nanes :
    1. Rishikesh
    2. Rishipal Nivas
    3. Singh Nivas
    4. Singh villa
    5. House of Rishipal
    6. Pal Nivas
    7. Shubh Labh
    8. Rajputana
    9. Rajput Nivas
    10. Rishi Bhuvan

  • A friend of of named his house as 'rajaratna house' by mingling his father and mother name (raja from rajalakshmi,mother & ratna from rathnagiri,father).Everybody appreciated him.. Like this you can mingle your grandpa and grandma names.

  • Your grandfather's name is Shri Rishipal Singh and you want to include his name. My suggestions are:-

    (a) Rishi Kunj
    (b) Rishipal Niwas
    (c) Rishi Niloy
    (d) Rishipal Bhawan
    (e) Rishi Niketan

    You can chose any one from the above five suggestions.

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