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    Guidance to start own freight forwarding operations

    Planning to begin your own business venture in freight forwarding services? Get expert tips and suggestions on how to launch such a business and the permissions & license required for it.

    I am getting ready to start my own freight forwarding operations and as a newcomer, I need some guidelines in this field. I wanted to know what are the different certification or license and its exams required to start this. How will be the working experience in these operations?
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  • The scope in the transport and logistics industry is from a one-man show using a small truck to transport goods an to a group of vehicles to every part of the country. Road transportation includes passenger transport from taxis to bus transportation.
    It is a hard industry for new businesses on the grounds that one needs to be reliable. Credibility is critical for any transport company as an organisation
    To start this industry one should have not only driving skills and licences, but also financial and business skills.
    It is advisable to take guidance from an experienced person before embarking into this industry. You need to have the knowledge of the laws, operating cost estimates, licence fees/permit expenses, toll charges, maintenance, fuel prices and other costs as well as vehicle performance methods.
    The transport and logistics industry is a simple business to enter, but continuing in the industry is a difficult issue. The transport business has a 'low barrier to entry' and this results in a rivalry at the base end of the market.

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  • Please do understand certain issues. From whatever you have written, it does appear that you are ready to get into this business. Fine. But there is absolutely no mention about your experience. Please note that you are a total new comer.

    So, the first step is to get into a job under some one, learn all the tricks of the trade at least for five years. There are several complications involved. If you take up a part-time course in what is called the "Supply Chain Management" conducted by so many private institutes and even as a distance education course, you will learn all the things needed to start your own business. For example, a good experience with an established player like Aggrawal Packers and movers, will help you a great deal. Remember, all the complexities involved in the process like the behavior of drivers of lorries or small trucks or what are called "fish lorries" are so complicated. Managing the drivers and their whimsical ways is a huge process of learning. Next comes the complexities of packaging and forwarding. A single consignment lost or destroyed or burnt, will result in loss of good will.

    Nothing comes without experience. Once you get the experience, combined with at least a diploma in Supply Chain Management, you can set up your own business. Somewhere down the line, please do also get to do your MBA in Supply Chain Management. All the very best.

  • You want to get in to this new field, I wish to give some suggestion before you start your own business. I suggest you to just do some basic research of the field. You need to analyze very deeply as how much there will be customers can you get, how much demand you may have, how much demand should be there to break even the expenses you do? How will you get the capital? After considering all these, you take a decision. It is highly advised that you can work for some company which is already in the field. If you work for some time, you can know some practical issues which can be experienced only when you get into the field. Then you need to plan how to handle them efficiently.

    Regarding Courses to help you, Supply Chain Management Course is one of the best courses to handle Operations and Logistics, Get advice from MBA experts in that field and others before you set the things up. Start slowly in a small range, once you get enough exposure and capability , expand, keep learning and Keep Growing. All the Best.

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  • If you want to involve in Transport and Logistics industry, you have to make a little research so that you can be familiar with the different mechanism employed in this business. Apparently it appears to a smooth business requiring the involvement of reliable drivers and the vechiles to be used should offer one a trouble - free service, management of time - schedule and earning the good will of the customers.
    Since this business calls for efficient despatch of the materials and the same is to be carried out by the experienced staffs drivers and other personnels apart from a prediction of weather affecting the supply schedules.
    It would be much better to have some guidance with the experienced personnels so that you can extract the relevant tips connected with this Bussiness.
    There are numerous MBA institutes offering the specialised course in supply - chain management and by undertaking such courses will be immensely helpful for you in enriching your knowledge in this area.
    Start the business with modest scale and see how efficiently you are performing and later with your experience, the business can be expanded choosing a primary location.

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