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    Eligibility for computer science after Diploma in Information Technology

    Planning to pursue a computer science program after getting a Diploma in Information Technology? Quickly check from this Ask Expert page if you can get admission to the second year of a computer science course & know its future career scope.

    I have done a diploma course in information technology. Now I am unsure of what to do. B.E. and B.Tech. is very complex for me. Can I do computer science? And can I get admission to the second year of a computer science course? What is the scope of CS?
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  • As you have completed your Diploma in Information Technology, you are eligible for lateral entry to 2nd year of B.Tecg Computer test. The Universities will be conducting a written test. You have to attend that test and you have to get qualified in that teat. Based on the rank you obtained the seat will be allotted.
    Coming to the career opportunities of B.Tech CS. there will be plenty of chances for freshers. If you join a good college and you are in the top few, you can get a job in the campus interviews. Many Organisations are advertising for the posts and freshers can also be applied.
    You need not worry much but you have to concentrate for good rank and good percentage. You should be thorough on the subject and then automatically chances of getting a job in campus interviews will be more.

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  • After having completed diploma in IT, you can certainly get admission in the degree course of computer - science in the second year of the course provided you have secured the qualifying marks making you eligible for the admission. You will be required to appear for the written and oral test to be conducted by the institute. Your admission is subject to satisfactory clearance of the oral and written test. You will be designated a rank after clearing the same test and admission will be available to the limited no of candidates based upon their performance.
    There is no such restriction that you will have to be a diploma holder in the computer science stream.
    Don't be misguided with the ultimate degree of BE or B.Tech. In terms of prospects, both the degrees can offer you to the highest achievements provided you have shown excellent performance in all the semesters.
    For better scope in CS, you have to choose a premier institute and your scoring should be impressive so as to attract the prospective employers when you apply for the job.

  • Depending on your score in the Diploma course or entrance test of the universities you stand a chance to get admission through lateral entry in B E or B Tech.

    You have mentioned that B E and B Tech are not your cup of tea and you will like to be in the safest zone of studying in graduation in computer science. You may have some valid reason for that thinking but I presume that it may be due to your interest in computer area.

    If it is so you can definitely carve out a career line in computer field by completing your degree and then going for some certificate or diploma course in Networking or System Management or Computer Programming or Application Development or Software Engineering or Database Administration or Object-Oriented Methods or Web Development or Computer Security and many more such in the offing.

    Only thing is, you have to choose a branch of your interest and aptitude and achieve excellence there. Today there is cut throat competition in the job market and highly qualified people are opting for small jobs. What matters today is not the only degree but the experience and associated skills to perform a job exceptionally well. If you have to join a small job but it gives you opportunity to learn and increase your skill levels and experience, grab it at the first opportunity. Later you can always go for greener pastures.

    Please remember, whichever career line you plan for your future it will require same level of hard work and endurance for success, same which the other areas demand. So there is no question of easy and tough. In career making everything is tough and requires rigorous efforts.

    If you can put similar efforts in B E or B Tech streams you can make a career through that route also. I will again repeat that there are no short cuts to success.

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  • Yes, You are eligible for joining into 2nd year of B.E or B.Tech of Computer Science , Information Technology or any other related fields of Information Technology as you have completed your diploma in Information Technology through the method of Lateral Entry. You may have to write difference entrance exams ( which changes from state to state) to join good engineering colleges. Check that exam for your state, prepare well for your exam and get admission in the premier educational institutions.

    Regarding the Scope of Computer Science, it's Immense. As you know everything is going digital and Everything can be purchased through online / mobile apps / Software's, there won't be any less demand for Skilled Computer Science graduates in near future. But as there are thousands of Computer Science graduates coming out every year, you need to stand out with your talent and skill. Only Degree cannot help you in the outside world. During this B.E/B.Tech, Improve your technical skills, learn new advanced technology and tools , Improve your Communication Skills. If you take the profession as your passion and do all the things above, You will have a great future in the Computer Science field. All The Best.

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  • After completing Diploma in Information Technology it makes sense to go for a degree in computer science as it is a related field and one can definitely fare well in ones core area.

    If you have interest in teaching you can plan a career in teaching computer science in schools and colleges but you will have to do B Ed before that. Alternatively you can think of doing PG in computer science and go for NET test after qualifying which you are eligible to apply in universities or graduation colleges.

    There are many job opportunities in the field of computers and you may have to go for specialised certificate courses to get entry in a particular industry.

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  • The lateral entry student is the one who directly enters into the second year of engineering. He/she must have completed diploma in their respective branch to be eligible for Lateral Entry programme. As you said that you have completed diploma in IT that means you are eligibile for Lateral Entry.

    If your financial background is good then you should go for higher studies. B. Tech in computer science is right option for you and It also have lots of career opportunities. In this field, most important subjects are networking, programming languages and Database management system. If you are intrested to learn coding then pick up any programming languages and start learn coding. Programming languages are not so hard and not so easy it depends on how you learn it. After learn a coding, You can become Software developer/engineer. You can also go through networking, there are many companies hiring those candidates who have knowledge about routing and transnission of data work. So, choose any one field, work hard and get success.

  • As you have completed a Diploma in Information Technology, you can go for Degree in Computer Science. You can take admission in the 2nd year of the Degree course through lateral entry programme. You will find many such students who joined B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science after completing Diploma.

    The scope/job opportunities will radically improve if you obtain B.E/B.Tech degree. You will definitely get better pay package as an engineering degree holder. You can also join teaching in colleges/reputed schools. Further, you can start your own independent venture after obtaining the Degree. If you like the subject, and if your situation/condition permits, you can further go for M.E/M.Tech.

    So, don't hesitate. Take admission in B.E/B.Tech through lateral entry programme, preferably in a reputed engineering college of your state.

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  • If you thrive on intellectual challenge and fascinated by technology, a computer science degree can lead you to a fulfilling IT career on all three counts. As you have completed the diploma course, I suggest you to go for Computer Science.

    Computer Science is a highly technical and demanding field and this won't appeal to everyone. The scope of the future is Computer Science can write your future and that's the scope of computer science only if you have immense interest, with a genuine interest in computers and the possibilities they present for business, science, communication and the world at large. Please don't assume you juust might find that a computer science degree is right up their alley. It's a really high scope and tough course.

    The benefits and advantages are tabulated below.

    1. High scope to write your own future.

    2. Highest salary of all the professions.

    3. Higher job prospect.

    4. Eligibility to join the world's fastest growing software companies and industries.

    5. With CS degree, one can get a job in a wide range of industries no only in CS niche.

    6. Change the world to make a better place.

    7. Cut the edge of IT

    Once you have backgrounds in computer science you will continue to make vital contributions in engineering, arrts & science, and medicines which includes human genome project and this just an instance.

    Please note that, not all computer whizzes use their powers for good purposes. Computer Science (hackers create plenty of havoc, stealing financial information and disrupting business etc.) But they also have enormous potential to change the world for the better. If you use it it wrong way then the consequences might be severe.

    Computer science is the highest demand world wide. Take an instance of pentesters, Hackers and anonymous. Just an example of few with Computer Science graduates.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • 1. First understand that Computer Science has some different study subjects than Information Technology. You might have seen this in your diploma study also. Yes you can take admission to B.E. or B.Tech. any one of it. Both are same level of degree for getting job. B.Tech. colleges are more autonomous and designed to follow global credit point system for giving score. Compared with BE colleges are following your standard scoring scoring system.
    2. Yes you can take admission to Direct Second year for Information Technology engineering. There are some eligibility criteria. I hope you must be par to it.
    3. Yes you can opt for any of CS or IT. Mostly student choose what they did in diploma. Go through following link which has details of your suitable stream of choices. Note it is only for Maharashtra State. Other state more or less will have same.
    For your information, CS has more depth study of computer history and programming evolution where as IT has more of software study touch.

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