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    How to make a five minutes movie at low budget?

    Decided to create a unique five-minute short movie on a low budget with just your smartphone? Get expert tips on how to do so without stretching your budget.

    I am planning to make a five minutes awareness movie at a low budget of 2K. I don't have a digital cam recorder but would rather use my Redmi camera to shoot using Open Camera for high best quality.

    The only problem is how to record clear sounds. I have a laver microphone, but I cannot afford another one since the artist or character all will need sperate ones. The cost of lavalier microphones is too expensive at Amazon. However, I wanted to know is there any kind of single device to record group discussions' audio clearly avoiding background noises completely because I am not wanting to do dubbing of the sound. Whatever recorded will be final and even the best video editor won't be able to edit clear sounds if there are too much of background disturbances.

    The movie will be shot in a prison using prison green screen VFX. There will be four characters. One interrogating the culprit and other two officers will be standing five foot away. Is it possible to use a single mic hanged down on the ceiling to record clearly avoiding background noises of all the characters voices without using four separate lava lier microphones.

    I wanted to know this because, I have to buy the microphone and make a final decision once I get suggestions from expert.

    Please experts, help me.
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  • You can record with a single recorder for a small group discussion. You can use the Sony ICD-UX560 recorder It is able to record high-quality sound files in the .wav format and it can visually be monitored.
    It comes with 4GB of internal memory. That will give you 6 hours of' high quality recording. you can buy at least a couple of these recorders so that you can clearly capture all the participants. Buy Sony ICD-UX560 from Amazon.

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  • I cannot afford Sony ICD-UX560 because the cost of that mini recorder is 6,600 on Amazon. I want to use mic below 3K. I want that mic to use for group discussion recordings. Any mic that cost 2 to 3k for best recording options.

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  • There are other options also for sound recording gadgets at medium prices around 2K. These may not be available at Amazon but one can try at sites like and likewise.

    Some of the models in this range (around 2K) are -
    (1.) RP1 Mini Voice Recorder Dual Microphone MP3 Recorder Recording Pen with TF Card Slot / Earphone - Black (8GB).
    (2.) 1.2" Screen Digital Voice Recorder w/ Micro USB / 3.5mm - White (8GB).
    (3.) T30 8GB Noise Reduction Mini Digital Voice Recorder - Black.
    (4.) Mini Dictaphone, 8GB Micro Audio Voice Recorder MP3 Player Pen.
    (5.) LYB-700 1.2" Screen Digital Voice Recorder w/ USB Cable + Earphone + Microphone - Taupe (8GB).
    (6.) Maikou T10 8GB Mini Professional High-Definition Digital Voice Recorder Pen - Gray.

    There are still cheaper options at 1 - 1.5K but for obvious reasons of quality concerns, I am not recommending them.

    The good one but cheapest available at is -
    EVISTR Digital Voice Recorder L169-8GB/560Hrs Capacity Digital Audio Recorder Dictaphone, Voice Activated Recorder with MP3 Player, Built-in Speaker.
    Its price is indicated around 3.5K. You have to cross check it.

    If you are making only one short movie then you can manage with the 2K price tag for the voice recorder but if you have a plan to make more such movies for information or business world and you want to develop it as a career also then one time spending of 4 - 6K can be considered.

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  • Hi,
    If you have a plan for a single movie, then you can think about the price bound of 2K. But if you have a plan to shoot more than one movie, rather if you are making more, then you can go for a high price microphone cum recorder.
    There are so many options available in market . You can also find them from a wide collection from internet. Choose them according to your choice and of course of your budget. But as per my opinion you may go for SONY or BOSE products as both of them offers a good quality products.

  • Some cheapest microphones in low budget are :
    1. TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Shotgun Microphone : Price is around Rs 1700.
    2. Sony Business Microphone ECM-CS3 : Price is Rs 1300
    3. Boya By-m1 Condenser Microphone with 1/4" Adapter : It works with smartphone and cemara with mic inputs. Price is around Rs 1300. It also has 6 Meters cable.

    You can buy the above mentioned microphone from amazon and shipping delivery is also free.

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