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    Which is the best automatic bread maker machine for home use in India

    Planning to buy an automatic bread making machine for your home? You could first check out how useful it is and whether or not to buy it, along with suggestions of the brand and models available in the Indian market currently.

    Recently I happened to see the video demo of an automatic bread maker. I became curious and interested.

    In your opinion and from experience which is the best automatic bread maker machine I can buy in India either online or offline? How far will it be useful in our daily use?
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  • SD-YD250 is a product of Panasonic company. it is not officially available in India but Flipkart and eBay are selling this product by importing it from the US.
    The other a little cheaper version is Glen SA-3034 Bread Maker. It is a fully loaded best available model and leader in the present market.
    The third one is Cuisinart CBK-100. It is the most durable and easy to use breadmaker.

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  • In your opinion and from experience which is the best automatic bread maker machine I can buy in India either online or offline?

    Please choose carefully as the imported ones are either made in China or Europe. If you buy from online, please check carefully for the returns instructions - there would be a voltage compatibility, import charges etc and in case you return it, it can be tiresome. For example, Max Star BM01 Super Chef Bread Maker comes from China.
    Please be careful when you choose, from Indian sites, you can go for Russell Hobbs RU 23620 bread maker or Kent Atta and bread maker but check that you have a service shop or authorized dealer close by for help, in case the unit does not work or has repair/ trouble.

    How far will it be useful in our daily use?

    Having seen this used in some homes in England, I would say, it would not be very useful in our Indian day to day life because. One needs to have a passion to bake loaves of bread, cakes etc to use it regularly, trying out the various options. For 2 loaves of bread, it takes almost 1 1/2 to two hours. Tidying up the pan and changing blades for various items needs patience.

    Many of the delicate electronic equipment that works with electricity and a software needs to be chosen carefully so that the voltage etc matches or else it would risk a breakdown or non-functional status. In practical terms, it would more convenient to buy it from the local baker or buy the regular brands that have a shelf life of 7 days (Nilgiris, Modern). If you are still interested, I would say, visit your local kitchen appliance dealer shop whom you know and ask him/her to get a good one for you, also mention that you will need their help with warranty and breakdown cover.

  • One of the affordable bread making machine is Oster 2-Pound Expressbake Bread Machine. This machine is completely designed for indoor use with lot of features from 12 bread setting and three crust settings where you can make a variety of breads, knead your dough, or make jam.

    If you're are running out of time for office or work, the expressbake feature can produce a finished loaf in under an 50 Minutes. One can also add many ingridents to bake for later. When you buy this breading baking machine you will also get measuring cup along with spoon. The price of this machine is INR 4448 Rupees.

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  • Some cheapest bread maker machines are :
    1. Oster Expressbake
    2. Cuisinart-200
    3. Rosewill R-BM-01
    4. Sunbeam 5891
    5. SKG automatic
    6. Zorjirushi BB-HAC10
    7. Breadman 2 lb Professional Bread Maker
    8. Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker

  • You can check the following two brands of automatic bread-maker:-

    (a) Kent Atta 16010 Bread Maker: The cost is around Rs. 8000/-
    (b) Prestige Pamf 1.0 Air Fryer. The cost is around Rs. 8500/-

    Both these bread-makers are manufactured by reliable companies. Both are available at retail stores and can also be purchased online. As I don't use the product, I can't certify the quality. But both products come with a warranty period.

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