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    Applying for a senior Managerial job in the field of Operations & Administration

    Are you a senior citizen with professional years experience as an operations executive looking for a job in the same field? Quickly check out the path to seeking an administrative career at a senior age.

    My age is near about sixty. I have many years of work experiences. A few years back I took voluntary retirement as an Operation Executive from a reputed MNC. Because at that time I was too much involved regarding my flat construction etc.

    Now my flat construction is complete and I have no more extra headache. I know that there are various job opportunities also for senior age group professionals like me. I now desire to work in a banking sector in its operational areas.

    I now want to proceed for job application in the above mentioned areas of a banking sector. How to proceed? What is the way out so that I can avail a job opportunity at the earliest?
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  • Yes. There are opportunities for senior people also in private sector especially for the people who are qualified and have long and good experience in the same field, Now you want to join a company either in operation or administration. Based on your qualification and experience you can decide on the line. Here the availability will be known through known people and a word of mouth. When you were working earlier you may be knowing the companies which are dealing in similar lines. Try to revive your contacts there and just see that your desire for a fresh start will be known the people who are the authorities in those companies. if they know your abilities and if there is any need they will definitely call you.
    Revise your Resume and upload in the sites like Be going through this site so that you will know whether there is an opening in the area you are looking for.
    Go through general appointments columns in which you may find some interesting advertisements.
    You can join in public sites like Linkedin and update your resume there also and try to have more contacts there.
    With these actions the chances of getting a job for you will increase.

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  • Senior people with good experience are required by many organisations not for regular jobs but for advisory and consulting type of work either for a short period or on project to project basis.

    These jobs are generally not found on job portals but they require approaching to different organisations and getting one to one information regarding such short term engagements.

    As you are interested in banking area you can try to contact the portals of some financial institutions and banks where you can upload your resume and if possible try to take time from the HR executive in charge there to see the various options and alternatives possible.

    Many organisations require senior people in connection with their CSR or social activities where generally the regular employees do not show much inclination. This can be a good entry point for experienced seniors.

    There are opportunities to become a faculty in the training programs and deliver lectures to the batches of employees time to time. This is one area which can be explored if you have a interest in teaching.

    Please note that the job condition in our country is very tight at the present juncture so expecting a high remuneration will also be a factor where skillful negotiations will be required.

    You can also consider searching an independent small group of consultants who are already in the business in the banking sector and by joining them you can also make a place for yourself there. Remember small groups always have plans for expansion.

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  • The long experience earned by an employee never goes in vain. In fact, the attributes of the retired persons like patience, far sightedness and the immediate solution arising out of a delicate solution are to be appreciated and if the ex- employer is aware of your vast experience in a particular area, they would not hesitate in recruiting you and in that way, they would be able to augment the production of the particular unit.
    However, having contact with the higher officials still enjoying the position of the Sr. authorities can brighten your career - horizon and if the vacancy in a particular unit does not exist, they may recommend your name in some other units owing to their powerful contacts provided your experience fits in a given situation.
    The other way would be to make an attractive resume and the submit the same in the and with their effort you could be reinstated in the areas where you have accumulated your vast experience.
    Brush up the latest technology to be employed in a given situation and apprise the employer of your capabilities in the interviews to be conducted by the higher management.

  • Your opportunities will be based on your work profile of experience. All you need to do is hunt for your experience based positions. Age is never barrier in private sector as long as you are physically fit to perform your duties.
    Now there are lot of website that do offer job search . Just google your profile opportunities or read employment news paper.

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  • You have to be in touch with job portals and local newspapers for any such jobs and opportunities which are reflecting there in the advertisements. As you have a vast experience in your core area naturally it will be advisable to apply in corresponding jobs.

    After retirement it is difficult to get routine and common jobs as the organisations prefer young people for that. Still one can try to search some specific and specialised type of jobs or one time projects etc and engage himself in that.

    Have you explored the possibility of joining some online service group of professionals in banking and finance sector where you can contribute from your home and do not need to go out. There are opportunities in some online sites for making money and if you have a neck for freelancing activities like editing, writing and proof reading etc then you can try that also.

    Meanwhile you can upload your resume in leading sites like so that they can inform you by email when matching job positions are seen in their system.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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