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    How to get a degree and complete education after a gap of many years?

    Have not completed your higher education & wish to acquire a Degree? Know from experts the right path to do so.

    I am a computer technician, 43 years, and I want to continue my education. I am just 10th pass with a Diploma in computer hardware and networking. I want to complete my degree. What is the solution?
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  • You seems to have quite intriguing in the field of information technology. Learning doesn't have any king of age bar. You can go for Excel, Accounting, and Programming considering that youre in a good position and interest to learn.

    My suggestions is, you can go for accountancy or Programming. Either these two have higher scope in future. Learning accountancy is very easy. One can complete it within a month or two. Alternative backup as a programmer is a good idea. Learn any programming language since you are already conversant with the usage of computers.

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  • I want to complete a Bachelor's Degree in computer application or simply I want to get a Degree certification.

  • Since you have already acqired a diploma in the Computer and Hard - ware Engineering and so it would be better for you to add some certification for which there are a lot of demands in. the market such as Linux, Red - hat, CCNA etc. All these certifications can open up your job - avenues. However, you should look out a prominent institute for the better familiarity with the course - content and the subsequent passing of such certification will help you to grab a better prospect.
    To have a degree in IT, will be a time consuming process since you have to be a regular student of a recognised Engineering college. Certifications will curtail your time.

  • There are two things in the life one is to develop ones skill and practical knowledge without enhancing ones formal education and other is to get a formal degree or certificate.

    If latter is your intention then you can approach National Institute of Schooling ( which is a Govt institute) or some distance education private institution for completing your 10+2 and then degree course. These are generally available on correspondence mode (distance education) and age is also not a barrier there.

    You can get more information in the portal regarding this and if it is suiting to your requirement you can register there.

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  • You are computer technician with a diploma in computer hardware and networking. You want to do a degree. You can do it. The open university will conduct an entrance test for open university admissions. You can attend the entrance test and once you are qualified you will become a bonafide student of the university. You can choose the subject in arts or commerce or science as you like. This is one option.
    But the best option is to improve your qualification in the line you are working. You can do any certification course or diploma course which will support you in the existing profession. If you are in hardware and networking line, a PG diploma in that line will be much help to you. You can also think of ERP or SAP courses which will also help you in switching over to a new line.

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  • As far as your experience is considered you can make a better career line just by doing a few diplomas or certificate courses.

    Now, you are showing your stern desire to acquire a degree and that is really a commendable thinking at this age but practically it may not be an easy thing as through regular school courses it is not possible at this stage but there are some other options which are to be explored.

    Govt of India has enacted a national institution known as NIOS which is basically to help school dropouts and other students to get their formal education completed. You can go to their site and register for the particular course you want to complete. In your case you may have to first clear your class XII or equivalent course after which you can enroll for degree course. It will take some time but you can aquire the degree in that fashion.

    There are some private institutions which also offer degrees through distance education mode but we have to confirm whether they are certified and affirmed by UGC or not for the validity and acceptance of those degree certificates. Do not fall in the trap of fake universities.

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  • Your are 43, witha dipolma in computer hardware and networking and keen to have a degree. You are currently a computer technician. You can consider short term vocational courses ( designed specially for people with age gap and time gap in education and work) with your current education and then complete your studies by distance mode or evening college methods

    1.Please have a look at Institute of Solar Technology, that is registered under Government of India, NITI Aayog scheme.
    This offers a certificate program for Solar engineers. the minimu education needs are 10th + diploma with no upper age limit. It has branches around the country
    ( and you can choose based on your situation.

    2. The government set up a National Scheme of Apprenticeship Training to help people in your situation and has four Regional Boards of Apprenticeship.
    For instance the southern division ( has 128 vocational course, you can look at course number 119(Computer Assembly and Maintenance),123(Computer Science) etc. Among the engineering courses (, you can look at 13(Computer Engineering), 70(Computer Science/Computer Application).
    a.The Chennai unit contacts are Phone : +91-44- 22541292 / 22542236, Fax : +91-44-22541563, E-mail :
    Similarly you can check out the
    b.Mumbai division (
    c.Kanpur division(
    d.Kolkata (

    This would give you a stipend, hands on experience and a vocational degree. If interested you can read the report about how this programs helps students like you ( You can read about eligibility criteria, benefits, stipend and site visits.

    3. You can also consider the summer/winter job orientated training program at Advanced Level Telecom Training Centre (ALTTC), Ghaziabad under BSNL and Government of India.
    You can choose any of the 4-8 week course ( listed here.

    4. Once you complete one of these course, get a good job, then you can enroll at IGNOU for BTech ( no age bar + Diploma in computer accepted). You can also look at the Vertically Integrated Engineering Programme(VIEP) of IGNOU that offers bachelor's degree in Computer science also (

    5. Once you do a bachleor's degree and if you still have the passion to study, you can always take up masters in the same distance mode. You can choose Mtech in IT or MCA

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  • There is not a problem with pursuing your education further after a long gap. You can continue your education through the open school board. You should complete your higher secondary through NIOS. To register yourself in the site please visit here and complete the registration process. Once you complete higher secondary you can do your degree course from IGNOU.

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  • 1. Yes , education can be taken any time. You need time and keenness to study. You might be asked to produce gap certificate i.e. why you did not opt education earlier. Please go through following link which has detail of gap certificate requirement.
    2. Alternatively you can also go for distance education, recently supreme court has banned few universities for distance learning of technical education. So be careful where you are taking admission should be approved by UGC and AICTE.
    3. Also I am not sure your diploma is valid for main stream degree direct SE admission. So please check the prospect when direct second year admission starts. Other way is to opt 11th and 12th and go further.
    All the best.

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  • In any university/board/institute, there must be some ruling for such candidates' appearance. It is advised to you to approach the relevant university/board/institute directly in person with available documents related to your earlier appearances. You will get a good suggestion for appearing now and avail a too degree.

  • There are ways to complete a degree course. At your age it is best to complete a degree through distance education.

    1) You can take admission to IGNOU, which is UGC approved and choose different B.Sc and B.A courses offered there. The admission to IGNOU is open till 15 July for this session.

    2) Since you have passed class 10, you have to take admission in their Bachelor's Preparatory Program (BPP) first and after successfully completing the BPP you may take admission for any undergraduate courses of your choice. The course fee for this BPP program is Rs. 1000/- and there is no maximum age bar.

    3) You have not mentioned the Diploma course you have done, if it is a 3 year one and is recognized by Govt. of India or AICTE, you may not require the BPP also and will get direct admission by following all the procedures.


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