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    What are the best add-ons or extensions in Gmail?

    Want to use Gmail effectively & efficiently? Know from tech experts which are the best add-ons or extension features of Gmail which will help you to manage the emails better.

    There are many add-ons for Gmail in the marketplace. As most of them are not of much help, I would like to know the details of at least 5 to 10 top add-ons which can help us in managing the mails better and improve productivity. Along with the names, a brief description of the add-ons will help me further to choose appropriately. Requesting the tech experts to throw some light on this question.
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  • Gmail is one of the most popular mail app and already have some features for advanced search, filter and labelling where you can do a lot of things over and above the usual features. Try them and see that many splendid features are already bundled there.

    For serious and large volume mail users there are some popular add-ons which are commonly used by such Gmail users.

    Some of these are as follows -
    (1) Mailstrom - This app is helpful when large emails flood your inbox and you want to see them categorically at a glance to treat them for final action from your side. This categorisation in front of you gives a better and quick control on them.

    (2) The email game - It is an interesting app which gives you opportunity to play the email game and earn points for clearing or answering or deciding on the emails quickly.

    (3) Sanebox - This is an app which automatically groups emails in different categories as per their importance.

    (4) Gmelius - It is a versatile app which can do many jobs like schedule emails to a later time, snooze messages to leave inbox and return at a designated time, add notes to emails, create email templates, block email trackers, automate copying contacts, automatically label outgoing emails etc.

    (5) Clearbit connect - This app is helpful when one is interested in having emails of companies on a sidebar and more often uses them. One can search emails of companies also.

    (6) Checker Plus for Gmail - This is an chrome extension and useful for handling multiple Gmail addresses at a time.

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  • Gmail is free email service provide company. Many advertisements companies used it for email marketing. Rajen seth gave the concept of gmail account and Paul buchheit developed and implement it. Apart of free mail service, it also have alots of features also known as add-ons and extensions. Add-ons and extension increase the productivity of Gmail. Here are the list of best add-ons listed below :
    1. Auto Text Expander : After enable this feature, it display most frequently used sentences. You don't need to type phrases again and again after enabling Auto Text Expander.

    2. Boomerang : It automatically sets reminder from any incoming or outgoing message. Its actually handle follow up messages.

    3. Checker plus : After enable this feature, you get the notification of your email in your desktop and you can easily read and delete it without opening your gmail account. To install it simply go to chrome web store and search for Checkerplus for gmail under extensions. Click on Add to chrome button thats it it is enabled. For every extension follow the same but search with other extension name. In desktop you also see Red icon to notify user about the email notification.

    4. Dropbox : This add-ons is for sharing a large file and resource that have large storage capacity. It just save your time. Let me tell you how to use it. Do the same installation process and click on add to chrome. When you compose an email, you'll see dropbox icon. You can search with dropbox icon if you cannot identify how icon looks. Now click that icon and share any of the file you wants to share and click on insert link. Now recipient get the link of the file you shared and they need to download the file to open it.

    5. Todoist : It is for managing and arranging task according to you. Do the same process and install it. When you open your gmail, you see panel of todoist in the bottom of your desktop. Click on that panel and click on add task. You can categorise task and set priority and reminder too.

  • One of the best addon that I use is TDLR.

    If the Long tiring essays and articles scare you? You can now summarize the articles by using the chrome extension addon TDLR.

    This extension gives you the nuts and bolts of a long article in a single click.

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  • The following are the addons on Gmail.
    Batch Reply for Gmail. By using this you can reply to a batch of emails.
    Checker Plus for Gmail is the best extension for Gmail users which gives you fast access via a drop-down menu in Chrome
    Dropbox for Gmail is another one which will enable to send files.
    Gmail Offline lets you work with Gmail even when you're offline. Read, respond, even search your messages.
    Like this many adds on there. Some of them are free. But some add-ons on cost only.

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