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    Which football shoes are the best and where can I buy it at the best price?

    Want to buy a good pair of football shoes? Check out the suggestions in the answers below to know good brands and the best prices.

    Do you play football on the field? I like playing on field. It gives you physical fitness and also it is fun to play. I am already a football player at my college. But I always had problems with studs. I won't get perfect studs. I needed to get comfortable otherwise it creates a problem of shooting skills. Which are the best football shoes according to you? Where can I buy inexpensive good ones?
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  • There are many branded companies manufacturing football shoes and supplying in India. Some of these brands are Nivia, Adidas, Puma, Kobo, Nike, Admiral, Diadora etc.

    There are various models introduced by these companies meeting the individual playing requirement. The price range is from Rs 800 to 3000 though costlier options are also available.

    Nivia dynamite, Puma vigor 4 and Kobo men K 14 are some of the models which you can see in bigger details as they are affordable as well good for all type of field conditions.

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  • You can select from any of the following brands. The cost of a pair will be less than Rs.3000/- only.
    1. Nivia Compass
    2. Admiral Johnson
    3. Diadora Terminator
    4. FILA Malvolio
    5. Nivia Dynamite
    6. Diadora Bambino
    7. Puma Classico TT Football Shoe
    8. Nivia Destroyer
    9. Adidas Men's X 15.4 TF
    10. Nike Bravata FG
    You can select as per your choice. The items are available for online purchases also. You may be getting a good rebate if you purchase online.

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  • Choosing football shoe is not that hard. Walk to any international brand shoe store and ask for football shoe. There will be section of shoes for it. Members have already posted some brands , I will say for hard pitches you may wear a sneaker shoe or a plastic-stud boot. Nowadays in most sports and player positions plastic stud on sole are suitable. For grassed field, screw-in studs are good because of more grip, You can go for metal, rubber or plastic studs too.
    Some famous brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and Fila store you can visit.

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  • There are number of football shoes you can buy online from Amazon and Myntra shopping sites. You can also buy from any shoes shop near your area of living. Here are the list of best shoes specially for football players are :

    1. Adidas Ultra Boost
    2. Adidas NMD
    3. Nike Flyknit Racer
    4. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350
    5. Jordan 29
    6. Nike kyrie 1
    7. Adidas tubular
    8. Adidas D Rose 6
    9. Mercurial Superfly V Nike
    10. Puma one chrome

    Puma, Adidas and Nike are the best shoe brands. Price range of those shoes are Rs 1000 to Rs 3000. To see pictures of the shoes, you can search on google images with names of shoes and you can see how shoe looks.

  • The well-known and trusted brand for football shoes in India are Adidas, Puma and Nike. You can purchase football boots from any of these three branded companies. The cost of each pair of branded shoes is around Rs. 2500/--3000/-. But as a former football player, I can give you a little bit of advice on this issue.

    (a) You should have at least two pairs of football shoes.
    (bO You need to clean the shoes everyday, and it is time-consuming.
    (c) Check the studs of the shoes carefully and regularly. In case of defective studs, your movement won't be proper in the ground.
    (d) If you aspire to play football at international level, purchase appropriate boots for different surfaces. The studs must be different for different surfaces.
    (e) The shoes must comfortably fit in your feet. You can't play football with uncomfortable football boots.

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