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    Is MCA degree equivalent to Hons. degree?

    Confused about the difference between an MCA degree and a Hons. Degree? Understand from experts' answers below the difference between them & if they are considered equivalent for a government job requirement.

    I have done MCA from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, formally known as West Bengal University of Technology(WBUT). My question is: is MCA equivalent to Hons degree? Please clarify it as I am so confused about it. In a Govt. job post I saw that the requirement is 55% marks in Hons graduate exam. So can I apply for the post?

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  • MCA is Master degree is computer science. BCA is Bachelor degree in computer applications. The eligibility for admission to MCA is a pass in BCA and Entrance examination rank. If the hons course you are talking about is BCA(Hons} , it is almost equivalent to MCA but not higher than MCA. BCA(Hons) may be above graduation degree but not definitely Master degree.

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  • MCA degree is definitely superior in the sense that it is a post - graduate qualification in computer - application and if persued from an established institution, an aspirant gains knowledge in numerous modules and can efficiently handle the modules like Oracle, Java, C++ etc. This qualification is treated as equivalent to B.Sc ( Engg) for all practical purposes in case of recruitment.
    BCA( Hons) is after all a graduation degree with the specialisation in one of the subjects included in the graduation - level and it does not be treated at par with MCA.

  • MCA degree is definitely higher than the Honours Degree. There is not an iota of doubt in this regard.

    But, I think that in the job advertisement, candidates from a particular discipline/subject are required. So, the advertiser has mentioned Honours degree as eligibility. Please go through the advertisement again and see whether this is a subject-specific position/job, or a job of general nature. If this is a job of general nature, you can apply for the position on the basis of your MCA degree.

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  • No MCA is not equivalent to Hons(honours) because MCA(Masters of Computer Application) is a post-graduate degree whereas BCA(Hons) is a bachelor degree. The level of study are very high in master's degree. Subjects are also very tough.

  • You cannot compare a MCA with a bachelor's degree and no one would do so. Please check the eligibility criteria once more , it would mean 55% marks in the bachelor's honors graduate exams.

    I do not know the particulars of your BA/BCA. Bachelor's degree in practical terms is equated to a regular/ordinary pass and honors in some countries where it is practiced has more weightage, more academically stronger and hence a better choice for teaching, research and pioneering work related employments. In some courses, honor's degree takes a year more. Honor's also have a subject of specialization, that the regular degree does not have.

    If the advert says 55% in a honors graduate exam, you cannot compare MCA because its a masters/post graduate degree.

    In your position, I would apply stating all the true facts and leave the decision to the Government recruitment company rather than trying to read too much and not apply. As long as your stated facts are true, at the most, your application would be rejected but you wouldn't know unit you apply.

  • The basic qualification sought as an eligibility is BCA hon. with 55% so that yardstick becomes a primary requirement. If you do not fulfill that then they may not call you for the selection process.

    One thing you can find out from the detailed advertisement whether there is any relaxation for MCA candidates. If it is mentioned somewhere, you can get that advantage.

    I do not think that by getting higher qualification one can compensate the lackness in his basic eligibility until unless it is specifically mentioned in the advertisement.

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