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    Will name corrections on documents create problems for MPSC, UPSC document verification?

    Planning to make name corrections on various academic and personal documents? Check from the expert answers below if this would raise issues with verifying documents for the MPSC or UPSC exams.

    My correct name is BINWADE NILESH BALASAHEB.
    1) The name on 10th, 12th, engineering results, PAN card, Aadhaar card, Driving licence, school and college certificates, Domicile and MPSC registration account is BINAWADE NILESH BALASO.
    2) The name on the cast validity and caste certificate, Non-creamy layer is BINAWDE NILESH BALASO.
    3) The name on the ration card is BINWADE NILESH BALASAHEB but it is in Marathi language.

    I am making a gazette notification that name of BINWADE NILESH BALASAHEB Is incorrect name and BINAWADE NILESH BALASO Is correct name because I have a more proof of the BINAWADE NILESH BALASO name. On the other hand, I do not have any proof of my correct name because the name on 10th and the 12th result is incorrect as BINAWADE NILESH BALASO and when I am submitting a 10th result as a proof it is required to type the name which is on the 10th exam result for matching of the name.

    I would like to know if making the notification will create a problem during MPSC or UPSC exam documents' verification process.

    Note that the name on my father's documents and brother's documents is correct. By using brother's documents as proof can I change my name on every document or should I continue with the mistake. Is it possible to correct my name by using family documents?
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  • Your name is same on all documents except one document that is namely ration card. In my opinion, you need not give any gazette notification also. You have all your important documents same name. So you can apply for the change of name in your ration card by providing them with the name proof document like SSC certificate or Aadhaar Card or PAN card. Now anyhow you are doing the Gazette notification regarding change of name you can easily change the name in ration card also and you will get it very easily.

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  • Be careful before you do a gazzette notification because if you keep changing then you may be found breaking the legal rules.

    If you issue a gazzette notification or get an affidavit, then it means that you are taking an oath and state that it is the true fact. Name changes after that (except cases like changing surname after marriage) would be difficult to expalin.

    Having read your post, I think you should stick to your name as BINAWADE NILESH BALASO as you have all your other documents including the caste certificate in the same name.

    You need to apply for only a change in the ration card which can be done easily.As long as you do not produce your old ration card with the name B N Balasaheb, you do not need an affidavit.

    If you have submitted your ration card or intend to use id, then instead of the gazzette, you please make the correction in the ration card, then all the documents will carry the same names without creating any confusion.

  • As your name is uniform in every document, except in the Ration Card, I feel that you should change the name indicated in the Ration card only, if at all needed. For competitive examinations, the name indicated in the Xth examination, XIIth examination, Graduation records, AADHAR, PAN Card, Election ID Card and Passport is checked. Nowadays name in the Ration Card is not verified. So, you can easily apply for name change in Ration Card and appear in competitive examinations, if the name is uniform in the aforestated documents. You will face no problem.

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