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    How to increase YouTube subscribers from zero to one million?

    Eager to get the count of subscribers of your YouTube channel to one million? Learn with expert tips and get useful advice to attain your target.

    This question is one of the most asked questions by newbies. I started my YouTube channel back in 2017 and have more than 300 plus videos. I am not promoting my channel or collaborating with any other channels or sponsoring my channel with them.

    My concern is, how do I increase my subscribers' count from 250 (Current) subscribers to one million (Target). I have a lot of views and watched tutorial videos but I am unable to monetize because of subscribers. I need 1K minimum subscribers before enabling the monetization feature.

    Can anyone with a monetized channel share tips and tricks to boost subscribers count? Please don't mention subscriber exchange websites, bots and facebook group because YouTube deletes inactive subscribers and that's going to affect my channel.
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  • The way to get more views to your channel is to be attractive.
    The contents with better production values, better characters, and the better story will attract traditional audiences.
    If you are aware of daily digital and social media trends, you will have better chances to have more subscribers.
    Keep these three things in mind:
    Plan an upload schedule. Try to produce minimum 1-2 videos per week. Don't deviate from your upload dates.
    Try to create a new character because sometimes being yourself is not good enough for YouTube.
    You have to be aware of popular digital trends and what's happening on social media. Following the trend may bring quite a good number of views.
    Target younger generation Youtubers. Anything that creates intrigue will make them subscribe.
    The more controversial videos will have more views. Try this.
    Uniqueness is which will attract many. If you are unique in a gathering the people will get attracted towards you. Same is the case here also.
    I can't say these are the only ways to improve the viewers but these are the points I feel may help you. However after all whatever we do we should have the luck also for anything to win or succeed.

    always confident

  • On what topic, you are making videos are very important thing. If you wants to open new channel and confused about what topic to choose then visit choose the country and you see some great trend topics on which you can make videos which help to increase your subscribers.

    Make quality videos and grab attention in a way that helps your channel to stand out. For making videos you can use Kinemaster app which is very good android app.

    Try to improve audience retention. It is a big deal for SEO(search engines optimization) and it also impacts on number of subscribers you get.

    Share your youtube video links to social media like facebook, whats app groups. Make sure you share the video link which deserve high views and subscriber too.

  • 2 basic rules to remember to consistently maintain / improve subscriber base / view count for your Youtube channel.
    1. Regularly post new, fresh and quality content
    2. Never forget Rule # 1

    To promote your content, you can use the Rs.2000 adsense credit as well as the social media. Facebook, Whatsapp etc. This way, you will be able to reach the new audience ..

  • Well... My channel name is Psyche Gnome. I only upload tutorial and VFX for both mobile and desktop version that includes HD and 4K quality videos. I don't think to promote would be a good option for such channels unless it is a brand.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • Creating your YouTube channel is very easy but getting subscribers is a very difficult task. To get more subscribers you need to follow some rules.
    1. Do some research - Doing some research before creating the video is very important. It will help you to know your area of work.
    For this, you can watch videos of other popular YouTubers in your niche. Identify the strong points and loopholes in their work. Try to follow those strong points and strictly avoid their mistakes.

    2. Content is the king- Your efforts to promote your channel is futile if your content is not good enough.
    Try to create good content. Never ever use copied things. Remember one thing there are thousands of videos out there on YouTube. People only like to watch them which are relevant and unique as well as useful. So always create good content videos. Remember quality is important than quantity.

    3. Use good tools- You should use quality tools for making your videos. You don't need to pay a lot of money but invest some amount in purchasing these tools.

    4. Use a good thumbnail- Using an eye-catching thumbnail is important. It will help to attract the viewers.
    Use a thumbnail that is relevant to your video and never use those clickbait type of thumbnail.

    5. Use keywords properly- Keywords are the key to your success. As you know they will help others to find your videos. Always use keywords very carefully. Never forget to include that keyword in your video title.

    6. Do some serious promotion- Yes, the final point/rule is marketing. If you are thinking that without any promotion you are going to have some serious subscribers to your channel then you are living in a fairy tale. In this world, marketing is a serious need.
    To promote you need to share your videos on social media platforms. Tell your friends and family to share your video as well.

    7. Do regular uploads- Follow a strict routine to upload your videos. Never break that routine because your subscribers will expect your new upload and not upload in time means upsetting them. You can't afford to upset your current subscribers because they will drag more subscribers to your channel.

    The last thing is you should never fall for the 'subs for subs' policy, it is not healthy for you and your channel. Focus on your work, subscribers will come automatically.

  • It is a very popular question that will asked by people's in a present time because
    YouTube is most popular social media platform to earn money and increase your fan following.
    But it's answer is very simple & easy that is good and genuine content.
    If you publish real content that is created newly it means that is not copied then you can easily get more subscribers. One more thing that you should focus is that you should upload videos regular with some time interval.

  • Some of the tips and tricks to increase youtube subscribers from zero to one million.
    1. Create better thumbnails to attract your viewers.
    2. Use better playlists.
    3. Publish Long Videos (10+ Minutes)
    4. Promote your video: Promote another video in your End Screen. Promote your videos on social media.
    5. Use or Change Watermark: Use "Subscribe watermark instead of using your channel name or title".
    6. Focus On Quality and Not Quantity. If you want to increase subscribers, you need to upload videos on a regular basis, and a regular interval of time.
    7. Reply to every Comment:
    Interact with your fans:
    Try to reply to your viewer's comments as much as possible. Interact and communicate for their comments. This helps to improve the number of subscribers. For example: When they appreciate your video like good content, Nice,etc., you will say thanks for them.

    Solve their problems:
    When your viewers ask a doubt or question about your video, you must reply and solve their problem. When others see your comments section, when you replied to their questions, they should know you will communicate with them. This will helps to improve your subscribers.

    8. Write a Compelling Channel Description:
    In the Intro of your description, overview your channel. Next, write topics that you cover in your video and describe your video. And last tell them to subscribe. Upload some of your video links.
    9. Use an attractive and awesome channel logo.
    10. Create a trailer for your channel
    11. Choose searchable titles.
    12. Create better thumbnails to attract your viewers.
    13. Create your own account on social media, share your video and tell them to subscribe to your channel.

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