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    Is it possible to use same Whatsapp account in two phones?

    Have a query about using whatsapp on more than one phone? Wondering whether it is possible to do so? If yes, find the detailed list of steps on this Ask Expert page and resolve your query.

    Currently, I have a phone wherein I am using Whatsapp. I will be getting a new phone soon and I want to use it as my primary phone. So, I would like to continue using my WhatsApp on the new phone. I can simply uninstall in the old phone and install it on the new phone. This is fine but I do not want to do this way because I will lose my chat history in the old phone.
    So, I would like to know is there a way where I can use a single WhatsApp account in two phones?
    I am okay if I am unable to receive messages on my old phone but would like to keep the chats open and start using the account in the new phone. Consider the two phones are of different operating systems, for example, Android and iOS.
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  • WhatsApp is associated with a single phone number making its use limited to one phone at a time. The WhatsApp app on the phone periodically checks for the active phone number and if it is not matching, it will ask for re-verify to use it again. Therefore, multi-phone use of the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones usually doesn't work.
    But there is a simple way.
    It needs an active internet connection on the second phone and functions even without a SIM card.
    1. Open the Web browser on the second phone that you want to also use WhatsApp on and go to
    From the browser options, choose "Request desktop site" and it will then open up the desired Web page with a QR code displayed prominently.
    On the phone that has WhatsApp installed and running, go to options/settings and choose "WhatsApp Web" It will fire up the QR scanner.
    Scan the QR code displayed on the second phone with the WhatsApp app on the first and it will automatically log in with your account to WhatsApp Web on the second phone. You can now simultaneously use WhatsApp on two phones.

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  • You want to retain whatsapp chats history in your old phone as you "do not want to do this way because I will lose my chat history in the old phone. ".
    That is not a big problem. You first back up your chat history preferably in your Google drive.. Then install whatsapp in the new phone and use the google a'c to retrieve the chat history.
    For details please visit FAQ in the i Whatsapp site ( There you can get details for back up and restore chat history as per your phone type.
    If you follow the steps calmly and sequentially as given there you can easily use whatsapp in your new phone without losing the previous chats.

    Recently I had started using whatsapp in a different phone. But as I did not back up chat history to Google drive and did not follow the procedures properly, I did not get the chat history in my new phone. But as I had backed up chats locally in the internal storage(by some error), it is still available in my old phone. For fear of losing this I had not connected it to wifi or net since. I am able to view the retained old messages in my old phone, from which I have removed SIM and SD card.

  • Yes it is possible to use one whats app account to two different devices. For that you need to download app called clone whats app web from the playstore and install it in on device. It display a QR code that you need to scan with another whats app account. So tap on menu button beside search now there is an option of whats app web. Click on that and match both QR code thats it. Now you can use one whats app account in a two different devices. One more thing you should note is that if you have dual sim phone then you cannot use same whats app account with two sims.

  • What I understand your main concern is losing chat history. All you need to do is back and restore the account. In google you have option of using google drive and in IOS you have option to use ICloud. Both are efficient , only for ICloud has data store limitations so you might have to delete some photos and videos before starting backup.
    There is standard process to restore from google drive or ICloud in every Mobile operating system.
    Answer to your another question is yes you have same whatsapp account in different phones but that is applicable only for andriod phones not with iOS. In iOS you can have whatsapp mirror like app in IPad but not in IPhone store.

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  • Same Whatsapp account can be used from two mobile phones by downloading a particular app (clone whats app web). As I don't use Whatsapp, I don't have much knowledge about it. But I do know that this app is available at Play store.

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  • Active WhatsApp in two devices. Well that is not possible at all. Period.
    But the issue here is not that, it is chat history, and thus have a solution.

    Solution 1 - Getting Chat History in New Device (via Google Drive)
    WhatsApp have been providing a way to keep the chat history backed up all the time and all the way from the beginning. You simply needed to have enable the feature. Well, even now, you can save the history which you have not already lost by any incidents. Find the feature at: WhatsApp -> Options -> Settings-> Chat -> Chat Backup -> Google Drive. You just have to enable it and sit back for some time to get the chat history backed up, if it has not being (check for option to keep videos backed up, it will consume time and data, if it matters you). After chat history been backed up, or if it had already been backed up but you have not noticed, just access your WhatsApp in the new device. Make sure you go slow, and don't miss the option to import backed up history into the new devices (if skipped with a "no" it may not be recovered again). Now, based on the chat history you have and network speed, it will take some time.

    Solution 2 - Getting Chat History in the New Device (on Android Devices)
    If you switch from one Android device to another, there is another option which will not cause you any data usage. All you have to do is turn off data or wifi in your old device so that no more messages came over WhatsApp. Now, again get to the chat option under settings of WhatsApp. Find the option, "Local Backup" and click "Backup Now". Wait until it is backed up (every day a local backup happens at 2 am, so this won't take so much time unless you have made heavy chats on the day). Once completed, open this location on the File Manager you have (Try ES File Explorer or any thing similar if you have none): Storage where WhatsApp is installed -> WhatsApp. Copy the folders "Backups" and "Database" to the new devices via Xender or ShareIt and put in the same location as above. Now, install WhatsApp in the devices and check for the option where WhatsApp will ask whether to Import the Local backup. Be careful and do not skip it. Then, it is all set.

    Solution 3 - Keeping WhatsApp in Two Devices (kind off, not exactly)
    I remind that this method does not make WhatsApp work in two devices at the same time. Just a dump method for what you may need. Getting into it. Export the chat history to the new phone via Google Drive or local Backup as the case can be. Now keep using WhatsApp active in new device but do not uninstall WhatsApp in the old phone. Additionally do not connect the old device to Internet, which may cause WhatsApp Error. Thus, you can get the chat till date on the old device and chats till date plus later on the new device.

    Hope this gets your issue solved.

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